August 31, 2009

Cat Lady No. 240...Black Cat Adulation Day

Cat Lady Circe thinks it's a shame that beautiful black cats like her Little Lilura get the undying adulation they deserve only on October 31st.

In her household, EVERY day is Black Cat Adulation Day. That's why she always keeps this delightful recipe on hand all year round, for when special guests stop by for parlor magic or broomstick races: Enchanting Black Cat Cake

Circe thinks the instructions are so easy that even those deprived souls with ordinary spotted or striped cats might be able to adapt the frosting colors a bit to suit their whimsy...

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August 30, 2009

Cat Lady No. 239...Story Time

Classroom Cat Meemee Meowmeow always loves story time. That's when Cat Lady Teacher Ms. Lucy reads out loud from a storybook, pausing after each page to hold up the beautiful pictures so that the entire classroom can see.

Today's story is Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse, written and illustrated by Leo Lionni, about a real mouse and a m
echanical wind-up mouse.

Here are two great
book reviews, with illustrations.

The first review is by Scribbler, who "obsessively seeks out children's books of old" to share with her son and also sells vintage kids' books on Etsy:

The second review is by Danielle K. who was 7 years old at the time of writing the review:

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August 29, 2009

Cat Lady No. 238..Teacher's Pet's Pets

It's time for Cat Lady and Elementary School Teacher Kristie to get ready to go back to school with the help of terrific tabby Olive. But as Kristie is prepping her stuffed animals for the annual trip back to their beloved second grade classroom, Olive manages to sneak them out of the bags for one last bite and tussle!

"I swear Olive can sniff out a stuffed animal anywhere," Kristie says. "It's uncanny."

Olive loves her stuffed animal buddies and would prefer that they stay at home with her instead of making the trek back into the classroom for the students. However, Olive knows that the children will take good care of them and love them, just like she does. Well, except for the bite and tussle thing!

Kristie and her husband, Justin (also a teacher) have enjoyed Olive's shenanigans for the past four years. Olive shares her home with her kitty sisters Gracie (eight), Lily (three), KitKat (one), and her brother, GrayBoy (five).

When not teaching in the classroom or scratching cat chins at home, Kristie loves crafting and has a wonderful online shop at full of her colorful creations. Be sure to check out

August 28, 2009

Cat Lady No. 237...Snooze Alarm

Cat Lady Amaryllis knows that Chester will go to great lengths to maintain his aura of majestic dignity and regal aloofness at all costs, but she just could not resist buying him a silly cat toy.

Chester, feeling magnanimous after a particularly nice bowl of tuna, decided to hu
mor Amaryllis and feign interest in the skittering creature. Amaryllis was delighted. Chester was ready for a good snooze.

Here are a few more delightful Cat Haikus from the 365 Cat Ladies Giveaway for August. This particular topic happens to be Chester's favorite pastime: snoozing!

Submitted by Ducky Doo, an orange tabby cat:

Wonderful sunshine
Warming my soft tabby fur
Dreaming happy dreams

Submitted by Cat Lady Laura:

Six cats spend their time
stretched out snoozing in the sun
I'd love to be them!

Submitted by Cat Lady Ty Marie:

With a constant purr
I roll him off of my face
To finally get some sleep

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Only three days left to enter the 365 Cat Ladies August Giveaway! Take some time to read all of the fantastic Cat Haiku entries in the Comments section at the end of the contest post, then add your own if you haven't already. Click here to learn a little more about writing cat haiku.

August 27, 2009

Cat Lady No. 236...Setting Goals

Cat Lady Rebecca --who also happens to be the School Principal--has high hopes for Teacher's Pet Jeremiah, known as "Jerry" to the kids. She just read an article about Oreo the Cat, who earned a High School Diploma online.

She tells Jerry that if he really applied himself and wouldn't spend so much time in front of the sunny window, a diploma could be his, greatly enhancing his job prospects in the future.

Jerry, however, is quite happy with his current duties as Chief Mouser and Seat Warmer. Besides, he has six toes on one paw, and seven on the other paw, making math particularly challenging...

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August 26, 2009

Cat Lady No. 235...Happy Birthday Virgos

Cat Lady Clarice and fellow amateur astronomer Hypatia are looking for the constellation Virgo, in honor of Hypatia's upcoming birthday and her Virgo sun sign.

Virgo is the second largest of all the constellations and can be seen from both hemispheres. The sun passes through Virgo in mid-September, and is the constellation that announces the harvest.

For more facts and folklore about Virgo, visit Star Tales.

Click here for a printable How to Find Virgo Map courtesy of

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August 25, 2009

Cat Lady No. 234...Cat Adoration Haiku

Cat Lady Doris and teacher's pet Madame Purrie want to expand the horizons of recently rescued classroom kittens Punky and Spunky.

Poetry readings have become part of their morning ritual and today's selections happen to be Cat Haiku.

Here are some more wonderful submissions from the 365 Cat Ladies August Giveaway, with love and adoration as a popular theme:

From Crazy Cat Lady Carm describing Pride:

oh brilliant orange cat
little prince of the sunset
feline spirit guide

From Cat Lady Tammy:

My big green eyes gaze
At my crazy cat lady
With undying love

From Cat Lady Lyz:

Julius, Marley;
Leave their paw prints on my heart;
Hair everywhere else

From Cat Lady Sarah:

One more cat makes nine
When does the line stop shifting?
The love is endless

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It's not too late to enter the 365 Cat Ladies August Giveaway! Take some time to read all of the fantastic Cat Haiku entries in the Comments section at the end of the post, then add your own if you haven't already. Click here to learn a little more about writing cat haiku.

August 24, 2009

Cat Lady No. 233...Healing Power of Cat Love

Canadian Cat Lady Mary has two guardian angels by the names of Blackie and Alpha. No wings or halos here, just 13 or 14 muscular pounds each of manly fur-fluff concealing unabashed loyalty and hearts of gold.

Her final radiation treatment was in June, but in spite of everything that Mary has been through, she smiles all the time. And it's no wonder. With her two purrsonal caregivers always at her side to nurse her through the rough patches, plus the love of family members like niece Jennifer, Mary is a lucky lady.

So it was with great jubilation recently that Mary was told she's clear. The ever-vigilant whiskered nurses could FINALLY relax. Alpha slept solid for two days and Blackie went outside to explore for hours on end.

This celebratory portrait is going to hang behind the piano. Mary says she's pretty sure that Blackie smiled when he saw it.

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Just one week left to enter the 365 Cat Ladies August Giveaway. Take some time to read all of the fantastic Cat Haiku entries in the Comments section at the end of the post, then add your own if you haven't already.

August 22, 2009

Cat Lady No. 231 & Feline Fella No. 232...Pet Parade

Cat Lady Emma from the United Kingdom did not have any pets growing up. So when she and James returned from their honeymoon and moved into their flat, Weedo the Hamster was a surprise wedding gift from her new hubby. "She was with us for a year and spent most of it finding different ways to escape."

More pets soon found their way into their hearts: "When we bought our house which has a garden, we got Billy the brown rabbit, followed by Joey who was a rescue rabbit. They were very fond of grooming each other. Billy is on his own now but seems very content in his old age."

It wasn't until just last year that Emma joined the ranks of Cat Ladies of the World. "We got the cats Elmo and Cleo (brother and sister) at six weeks old and they have been in charge ever since. They like to be involved in everything we do, whether gardening, cooking, craft, filing, bringing the shopping in etc.

"Elmo has taken it upon himself to be greeter for the street and throws himself onto his back for anyone walking past in the hope that they will rub his belly.

"Cleo is a little more shy but makes up for it by talking as much as I do. She will hide inside anything but always gives herself away by answering when we call her. We usually wake up to find them both stretched across our bed, taking up as much room as they possibly can.

"My husband and I can't have children so we particularly enjoy sharing our lives with our companions and they all seem very fond of us, particularly at mealtimes!"

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August 21, 2009

Cat Lady No. 230...Go Granny Go!

Cat Lady Nancy and fellow book lover Mojito are not clear about whether or not to celebrate National Senior Citizens Day today.

Then-president Ronald Reagan was 77 when he signed the proclamation for National Senior Citizens Day in 1988.

Nancy turned 50 last week and promptly received her invitation to join AARP. She thought she had clearly arrived at Senior Citizenhood. But she was soon to discover that Elderhostel will not consider her to be an Elder until she is 55. She'll qualify for some government benefits at 62, but the corner restaurant won't even consider giving her the Senior Early Bird Discount Dinner until she is 65. What's a girl to do?

Go out and hop on her mountain bike for a quick ride, then enjoy a video conference with her grandson before teaching her Friday yoga class. Go Granny Go!

Are you a granny on the go? This extra-roomy 100% cotton canvas tote bag has plenty of room to carry all of your favorite books or groceries. It features extra long handles for easy over-the-shoulder carrying.
  • 10 oz heavyweight natural canvas fabric
  • Full side and bottom gusset
  • 22" reinforced self-fabric handles
  • Machine washable
  • Measures 15" x 18" x 6"
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August 20, 2009

Cat Lady No. 229...Pussycat Prodigies

Cat Lady Jolene can't get enough of Nora the Piano Cat, particularly her performance of CATcerto, complete with an orchestra.

Jolene has emailed the link to all of her cat-loving friends, and has even started playing the videos for Sonia and her kittens, just adopted from the local shelter.

Jolene is hoping for at least one prodigy from the group and has strategically stationed their cat beds and food dishes beneath her own grand piano. And just in case that doesn't work out, her son's guitar and small drum set are close at hand.

So far, Sonia and the kittens only show interest in chasing around the little plastic thingamajigs from milk jugs, but Jolene hasn't given up hope yet. Hmmmm, now where did she put that harmonica?

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August 19, 2009

Cat Lady No. 228...Amusements

Cat Lady Bailie and Feline Friend Ariel agree that there is nothing like a good chuckle, chortle, or guffaw to brighten up a day. Sometimes all it takes is a little smile laced with amusement. With that in mind, they would like to present a few Cat Haikus from the 365 Cat Ladies August Giveaway,
in the hopes that they bring a smile to your face:

From Cat Lady Susy:

I would be a flea
To run in the lush meadow

Of a big cat's fur

From Cat Lady Emily:

Cat one humbly asks
"How can I steal affection

from cat number two?"

From Cat Lady Julie:

A pat to the face
Five Forty Five Saturday

Time to get up...Food!

If you would like to share your own Cat Haiku, please add it to the comments section of the August Giveaway post, where you will be able to read all of the other entries! You will alsot be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a Cat Lady Tote bag.

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August 17, 2009

Cat Lady No. 227...Mesmerized by Moonlight

Cat Lady Jordan and her beautiful Maine Coon Tabby Cassiopeia know just how to beat the heat on warm summer nights: spread a blanket out on the grass and enjoy looking at the moon and stars, and the occasional planet.

Stardate Online
is an excellent website that will tell you the phase of the moon on any given night, PLUS where in the sky to look for specific planets.

For example: "Venus, the morning star, is below the Moon at first light on the 17th, and to the upper right of the Moon on the 18th [of August]".

There is also a Sunrise/Sunset Calculator and a Beginner's Guide to Stargazing.

Happy gazing and thanks for visiting!

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Cat Lacy No. 226...Making the Grade

Cat Lady and Teacher Mary Beth gets an A+ today from classroom cats Reedin and Rightin. As they get ready for Back To School, Mary Beth wrote a cat haiku as part of a lesson plan:

teacher's pets await
return of many small hands
petting petting purrrrrrrrrrr

Here are some great examples of cat haiku with purring as a theme, submitted for the 365 Cat Ladies Giveaway for August:

From Cat Lady Chris:
Big blue eyes I see
Looking fondly back at me
Two hearts purr as one

From Cat Lady Jeanette:
Sleeping next to me
Furry faces, soft whiskers
Cats purring their love

From Bibi Girl's "meowmie":
A bag I can hide
in from evil things without.
Chin rub. Eyes squint. Purr

If you would like to share your own Cat Haiku, please add it to the comments section of the August Giveaway post, where you will be able to read all of the other entries! Thanks for visiting!

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August 15, 2009

Cat Lady No. 225 ...Peace, Love and Cat Haiku

Cat Lady Harmony loves to tell cat Bonkers the story of how her parents met at the Woodstock music festival. Today is a particularly special retelling of the story, because her parents met 40 years ago today.

So it's really no wonder that Harmony is drawn to stargazing, art, organic vegetables, mother nature, love beads and cat haiku.

Both Harmony and Bonkers have been delighted so far by the entries received in the Groovy 365 Cat Ladies Giveaway for August Cat Haiku Happening. Fur seems to be a popular theme:

From Daisy Mae and mom Vanessa:
my fur on her clothes
why bother with the lint brush?

I will just leave more

From Victor Tabbycat and Tabbymom Jen:
All bags are for me!
Pouncing, diving and... shopping?
My fur goes with you

From Aldo:
Fur on my jacket
Creamy colors tipped with black

Love waiting at home

If you would like to share your own Cat Haiku, please add it to the comments section of the August Giveaway post, where you will be able to read all of the other entries! Thanks for visiting!

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August 14, 2009

Cat Lady No. 224... Do You Haiku?

Cat Lady Mildred and fellow poetry lover Abercrombie occasionally enjoy reading Cat Haiku. Both are excited about trying their hand at it themselves, then entering the 365 Cat Ladies Giveaway for August.

Here is their first attempt at Cat Haiku:

Voluminous cat
of ginger stripe elegance
purrs with contentment

The simplified Western version of haiku is usually described as an un-rhymed, three-line verse of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables. gives a more complete description of Western haiku:
  • contains 17 syllables or fewer
  • written in three lines or fewer
  • it is untitled
  • it is unrhymed
  • it can be read in one breath
  • has two images in juxtaposition
  • contains concrete images
  • contains two images separated by a pause
  • links nature with human nature
  • often includes a season word or "kigo"
  • contains no similes
For more information about haiku, visit their informative link: About haiku
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365 Cat Ladies Giveaway for August

It's time to flex your creative writing muscles and enter the 365 Cat Ladies Giveaway for August! The theme is Cat Haiku. Give it a try. Just for fun. See what you (or your cat) can come up with, and leave it in the comments section of this post.

New to haiku? The simplified version of haiku is usually described as an un-rhymed, three-line poem of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables, like this:

cat haiku contest:
fun with words and crazy cats
might earn big reward!

There are hundreds of examples online--just do a search for "cat haiku". There are even enti
re books on the subject: Cat Haiku Books on Amazon

Contest ends the evening of August 31. One winner will be selected at random and will receive their choice of one of these tote bags from my CafePress Shop pictured above.

Please make sure that I have a way to contact you if
you are a winner, such as a link to your blog or e-mail address, or contact me directly at my e-mail with your info...

Also, if you encounter trouble with the Comments feature, you may send your entry by e-mail by clicking "view my complete profile" at the end of "About Me" where you will find an e-mail link...

Thanks for participating!

August 13, 2009

Cat Lady No. 223...Himalayan Honeys

Cat Lady Lindsay is enjoying the exceptional fluffiness of her current foster family: Himalayan momcat Maya and her four kittens.

Lindsay will find loving homes for each one, but not before they are neutered and spayed...Plus, because Persian cats such as the Himalayan breed can have special needs, it will be important that any prospective owner be aware of grooming and health issues in particular.

If you are considering adopting a particular breed of cat, there are a number of services to counsel you and help you find a homeless pet in need of your love. Examples are Purebred Cat Rescue in the Midwest, Persian & Himalayan Cat Rescue in California, or Texas Siamese Rescue, a coalition of shelters located in Texas, Virginia, California and Colorado.

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August 11, 2009

Cat Lady No. 222...Star Struck

Cat Lady Liza and her fellow stargazer Orion are looking forward to viewing the Perseids meteor shower tonight after midnight. Usually their bedtime is 10:00, but lots of hot cocoa for Liza and some extra catnip for Orion should do the trick.

Here are some tips from NASA for viewing the spectacle:

For sky watchers in No
rth America, the watch begins after nightfall on August 11th and continues until sunrise on the 12th. Veteran observers suggest the following strategy: Unfold a blanket on a flat patch of ground. (Note: the middle of your street is not a good choice.) Lie down and look up. Perseids can appear in any part of the sky, their tails all pointing back to the shower's radiant (the point that they radiate from) in the constellation Perseus. Get away from city lights if you can.

For more information, a sky map and tips, visit the NASA website: 2009 Perseid Meteor Shower

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Star Struck ACEO

August 10, 2009

Cat Lady No. 221...Impatience

[Editor's note: Due to an impending camp-out to view the Perseids meteor shower, where there is {{gasp}} no internet, I am doubling up on posts today...Don't miss Cat Ladies 219 and 220...]

Illustration Friday

Tumalo Tabby's impatience grew considerably as Cat Lady Sophie continued to do nothing but laugh hysterically, forcing the frustrated feline to attempt reactivating the now motionless, strange, mouse-like creature with his very own paws...

The original ACEO watercolor illustration of Sophie and Tumalo is currently up for sale in my Etsy shop:

Cat Ladies Nos. 219 and 220...Queen for A Day

You might not realize it at first, but there are actually three Cat Ladies in this family portrait, and all of them are blonde!

As Cat Lady Alex tells it: "Ten years ago Sasha the dog found a black kitten hiding in a pipe
[that kitten now goes by the name of Licorice, and is pictured above] . Later that year Sasha found a feral cat mother and her three kittens. Twice a day Sasha would lead us to their hiding place so we could feed them. The long-haired white kitten [now known as Fluffy, also pictured above] would run out to greet Sasha and they would touch noses. As the kitten grew older, he would walk along side Sasha when she took her walks." Eventually the kitten was corralled, brought home, and Sasha and Fluffy have slept together every night since.

Over the years, felines Ruffy and Kipper were also rescued, and have been quite pleased with their accommodations ever since. You see, when Cat Lady Sandra is in charge of pet care, it's just like staying at a 5-star resort as Cat Lady Alex reports:

Room service: She brings the food to wherever they are, offers them two flavors so they can choose, and will even hand feed them.

Maid service
: She changes their bedding daily and cleans their litter boxes immediately after they use them.

Concierge service: She buys them new toys, finds T.V. shows about their favorite animals like elephants and lizards, and buys each their favorite treat.

But today it is Cat Lady Sandra's turn to be Queen for a Day and treated like royalty! The whole gang--Alex, Sasha, Licorice, Fluffy, Ruffy Kipper, and Budgie--have gathered with a very special wish:


August 9, 2009

Cat Lady No. 218...Remembering Someone Special

Cat Lady Mary and her special friends Phoebe and Bentley are thinking about someone special in their hearts today and every day. Here is their story:

"Bob and I had just moved to Asheville, NC when Phoebe showed up on our front porch in August 2001, a starving, beat up, tick infested, most pitiful skeleton of a little kitten. Bob, a retired physician, immediately opened a can of tuna and started feeding her out on the porch. She was in such bad shape that I didn't think she would live through the night. But he fixed a box for her to sleep in and soon Bob had her nursed back to health.

"Bob began luring her inside with food and eventually got her tame enough to pet, but she was still an outdoor cat. Then one day we captured her and took her to the local spay and neuter clinic. They told us that due to her surgery we must keep her in for at least a week. Well, she's never again been outside. Phoebe quickly grew to be a beautiful blue and apricot dilute tortie, which is a fancy name for a gray and orange calico.

"I am a fiber artist; a spinner, knitter and weaver. Bob used to brush Phoebe everyday and save the brushings in a zip lock bag, telling me that he wanted me to spin all this cat hair into yarn and knit something for him. And I did.... I spun enough to knit a hat for him, his Phoebe Fur Hat.

"A couple of years after Phoebe found us Bob became ill, and I thought a new kitten might brighten up both his and Phoebe's life. I called a local safe-for-life animal welfare organization called Animal Compassion Network. I was put in contact with some wonderful people who were foster caring for a mama kitty and her half grown litter of kittens. Bob, almost instinctively, picked out a long and tall tuxedo kitty whose name happened to be Bentley. This was just delightful because for many years Bob and I had an on-going joke that someday we would own a Bentley (meaning the car, of course).

"During the next four years as Bob's health continued to decline, Phoebe and Bentley were his constant companions. While they basically ignored me, the cat person in the family, they brought so much joy and comfort to him. Since Bob's death in August 2007 the three of us have become very close as we have grieved together for him. This cute portrait will hang next to a photo of Bob as my loving tribute to him. Thanks so much for letting me share my story."

See Mary's beautiful knitted lace scarves, shawls, and toys at this link:

August 8, 2009

Cat Lady No. 217...Birthday Girl

There are 8GR8CATS that would like to wish a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to a very special Crazy Cat Lady, the vivacious and charming Carm. Quite apropos, Carm is a Leo, and takes great pride in her pride of beautiful cats.

Until fairly recently, believe it or not, Carm had been a dog person. Then one fateful night a dark, mysterious stranger entered her life.
Puff-Kitty Silhouette appeared as if by magic as a stray and started making nightly appearances at Carm's and her husband Randy's back door. "Being a solid black colored cat, only her peridot-colored eyes would shine in the night as she made plaintive pleas to let her come in so that we could become her PURRsons...Puffy worked her black feline magic and opened our hearts and the door to our home! "

The next summer "when we found out that a family friend's momma barn cat had kittens, we thought it would be delightful to add a kitten... or perhaps two! The fabulous kitty boys
Sunshine-Kitty and Moonlight-Kitty were next to join our cat family. Puffy took over as an adoptive mother cat as they were only 6 weeks old."

At the suggestion of a friend, Carm and Randy went to a Cat Fanciers Association cat show and fell in love with the Maine Coon Breed... "The next spring momma barn cat had her spring litter and there among a litter of short-haired barn kittens was this little fluffy cream and white kitten that looked just like the Maine Coon kittens I had been drooling over...
Furbert Leo Cappuccino joined his brothers Sunny and Moony, and of course Puff-Kitty. Furby was the most adorable little guy and looks as much like a Maine Coon today as he did then. "

That's probably where our story should stop... but Carm happened to find a Maine Coon Breeder online that next summer: Chadwickoon Maine Coon Cats in Fredonia, NY. "You don't just go see Maine Coon kittens!!! The lovely
Lady Godiva Candy was our first girl, followed by Lord Thomas Milton who was a surprise birthday gift for Randy that winter."

When Carm and Randy returned to the Cat Fanciers' show, they were carrying their Maine Coons Candy and Tommy into the show ring to be judged! Then Carm and Eileen, their breeder, "hatched a plot to breed a couple silver patched girls.
Rainbow Joy was born to be their queen and she became the mother of All-American Pride-the Octopussy- about a year and a half later. Joy also had 3 other kittens- Happiness, Love, & Peace- who found lovely forever homes with other Maine Coon lovers. That is the story of the 8GR8CATS... Puffy the oldest will be 13 and Pride the baby will be 8 this year."

When not sharing her love for felines on her blog Crazy Cat Lady Carm, retired schoolteacher Carm is a hobbyist photographer and a docent at the Buffalo Zoo. She has won many contests for her cat photography and has had her photos included in several publications, CFA's
"The Maine Coon Seminar", "Cats 24/7", and most recently I Can Has Cheezburger's first hard copy publication that came out last October. Her cats have appeared on many websites all over the world, including this one, featuring beautiful photos and poetry about each cat: My Cats' Poems. To find out more about Carm's pride, visit Pride's Catster Page!

Last spring Carm saw a YouTube video about Crazy Cat Ladies by comedian Chris Leavins and thought it was the most hilarious, ingenious representation of this subculture known as CCLs. She started sending Chris pictures of her cats. This took on a life of its own on his website "Cute with Chris" and "Carm the Crazy Cat Lady from Buffalo" was born.

Best wishes for a PURR-fect Birthday Extravaganza!

August 7, 2009

Cat Lady No. 216.....A Stroll Down Memory Lane

According to cat bloggers in-the-know, tomorrow is World Cat Day. So with that in mind, Cat Lady Dina and Georgio would like to take a stroll down memory lane and re-visit some of their favorite Cat Lady stories so far:

August 6, 2009

Cat Lady No. 215...A Little Nip of Tea

Cat Lady Carlotta enjoys stitching catnip mice for her terrific tabby Gunther, but she always sets aside a few pinches of the herb, also known as catmint, to make herself a soothing cup of tea.

She recently learned that, according to Dr. T. Ombrello of the UCC New Jersey Biology Department
, catnip has a long history of use as both a beverage and a medicine.

"Before Europe
an trade with China began bringing large quantities of fine Eastern Tea to Europe, Catnip tea was a domestic favorite especially among tea loving residents of the British Isles. "When growing the plant for this purpose, mature leaves should be collected while they are still fresh and dried in the shade (not in the sun, or the volatile oil will be lost) for several days. One teaspoon of the dried herb is then added to each cup of boiling water and allowed to steep. The tea should not be boiled or, again, the oil will be lost. The drink is an excellent source of vitamin C."

Read more about the Won
derful World of Catnip in the complete article by Dr. Ombrello: CATNIP

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Cat Lady ACEO

August 5, 2009

Cat Lady No. 214...A Green Barbeque

As Darci was preparing for the annual backyard barbeque extravaganza in honor of Kitty Queen Simba's birthday, she was shocked to learn that the estimated 60 million Americans who barbequed on the 4th of July released some 225,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, burned the equivalent of 2,300 acres of forest and consumed the same amount of energy that the city of Flagstaff, Arizona, uses in a year.


So Darci was quite pleased to find some tips for greening up her barbeque practices on the Nature Conservancy website.

  • Use reusable or biodegradable plates and utensils. If you can't find those, at least go for products made from 100 percent recycled materials. Remember that your biodegradable plates will need to be cleaned before going in the compost bin — ketchup, hamburger grease and other-non-veggie food matter doesn't compost.
  • Encourage recycling by putting out easily identifiable bins — you'll find fewer bottles and cans smeared with ketchup in the garbage.
  • Use gas, propane or electric grills, which aren't perfect but burn more efficiently and cleaner than charcoal or wood. If you have a charcoal grill, make sure you burn natural lumps, not briquettes, and don't use more than you need.
  • Grill locally grown veggies! While local doesn't necessarily mean organic, small farms are often more likely to be more sustainable and pesticide-free.
For more great tips, visit this link: Top Ten Ways to Green Your Barbeque Party

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Cat Mom ACEO

August 4, 2009

Cat Lady No. 213...Little Gifts That Mean A Lot

Cat Lady Kate has a thing for cats. She loves cats and wants to make the world a beautiful place for them. And not just for her own cats, but for felines far and wide.

When Kate is not working on her two beautiful websites Modern Cat and Catio Showcase, she is often involved in cat rescue projects. Her current project is Oasis de los Gatos in Arizona, which is in urgent need of donations. Visit the link to find out how you can help out, and how you can be eligible to win a fabulous modern cat bed!

Here is one of Kate's favorite cat stories, which she calls "The Killing Rug":

Many years ago, my dear friends Nancy and Andy had two beautiful cats, Gioco, a big sweet black cat, and Macchia, an adorable and sassy little tortie.

Nancy and Andy had a round rug in their living room. Whenever Macchia caught a little something out in the yard, she would bring it inside and place it in the middle of the rug. She would meow with pride until someone came to congratulate her.

One day the older, and much slower, Gioco was the one calling from the rug. When Nancy and Andy rushed over to see what all the fuss was about, they saw Gioco's big catch - a half a hot dog covered in gravel and dirt.

Good job, Gioco!

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