My Studio Assistant

A great source of inspiration for me is my furry friend Buttonwillow.  She is my ever-helpful studio assistant and chief mischief maker here at Susan Faye World Headquarters and enjoys appearing in my blog.  Here are some links that will tell you a little more about her:

Here are Buttonwillow's thoughts on St. Patrick's Day: 

As you may have already guessed, she is not Irish. She was born under my house, right here in the USA.

Buttonwillow is also a fitness guru and here she shares a simple calisthenics* routine that will help firm up any fluffy tummies:

*(For those of you who are too young to have benefited from Physical Education programs at school, calisthenics is defined as "a form of dynamic exercise consisting of a variety of simple, often rhythmical, movements, generally using minimal equipment or apparatus.")

Ready to begin?

First find a comfortable place to sit and stretch your back paws out as far as they will go.

Now look to the left and stretch that leg out even further. C'mon, reach a little further. You can do it!

Even though you are feeling the burn, try to look stoic.

Now, reach out and try to touch the toes on your right footsie. Make it look easy like I do.

Next, look over your shoulder and touch your ear while you pivot your waist (if you can find your waist--mine seems to be awol at the moment...).

Now twist the other way and look over your left shoulder. Hold it to the count of one, two, three, four...

Does anyone know what comes after four?

Now reach back over to your toes on the right side. Oh the anguish. Just put your paw in your mouth to stifle any yelps that might alarm the neighbors .

Now try to touch both sets of toes at once! Have you worked up a sweat yet? Not me. I don't sweat. I glow. Ever-so-radiantly, don't you think?

Okay, one last reach for that right foot. I think you did it! Hooray for you!

It's time to collapse on the floor in a dramatic heap and take a cat nap. Go on, you deserve it!

Thanks for visiting!