August 31, 2009

Cat Lady No. 240...Black Cat Adulation Day

Cat Lady Circe thinks it's a shame that beautiful black cats like her Little Lilura get the undying adulation they deserve only on October 31st.

In her household, EVERY day is Black Cat Adulation Day. That's why she always keeps this delightful recipe on hand all year round, for when special guests stop by for parlor magic or broomstick races: Enchanting Black Cat Cake

Circe thinks the instructions are so easy that even those deprived souls with ordinary spotted or striped cats might be able to adapt the frosting colors a bit to suit their whimsy...

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Is it Black Cat Adoration Day at your house?...You'll find Circe and Lilura on a variety of Halloween t-shirts, note cards, gifts and trick-or-treat tote bags at: Black Cat Lady No. 2

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