March 31, 2010

Cat Ladies in the News...and Cat Hams

Cat Lady Rose would like to thank everyone who voted for the photogenic Billy the Cat and made a donation in the recent Spay Day 2010 Online Pet Photo Contest. Congratulations to Billy who was one of the 3rd Prize winners in the fundraising category! See his handsome image at this link, as photographed by Rose: Billy the Cat

Says Rose: "The best part is the money raised will go to spay and neuter stray cats to help end pet overpopulation!"

Not to be outdone in the "look at me" ham category, Billy's pal Cecil always enjoys providing a good photo op.

This one is called CATsserole
(photo copyright Rose Gates)

This one is called "Cool Cat"
(photo copyright Rose Gates)

For her entry in the Spring Celebration Giveaway, Rose reports:
"My orange tabby cat Cecil would be a comedian and have his own comedy show on TV. He is very silly, and funny and likes to do goofy things just to make people laugh and shake their heads and say... 'OH THAT CECIL!' He's a character!"

If your cat had a profession, what would it be? Leave your answer in the comments section of this link: Giveaway for a chance to win a custom portrait. But hurry--giveaway ends tonight!

March 30, 2010


Illustration Friday

Here's to all of the loving, compassionate souls in the world who volunteer their time and their hearts to animal rescue, whether it be TNR (trap, neuter, release) programs for feral cats, fostering homeless cats and dogs until they find forever homes, or adopting special needs pets.

One such loving heart is Cat Lady Deb, who has adopted a number of special needs pets. Pictured here is Samantha Jo, a very special rescue who was blessed with a copper "kissing spot" on her forehead.

Deb tells us: "She loved to sit in windows and watch the world go by. She was very afraid to be outside...She was an awesome little love. Sam was the first cat that I had in my adult life and together we had many life adventures. She came to me as a rescue, found by a five-year-old child who was walking in the woods behind the family farm.

"The family had her in a horse barn tucked in a rabbit hutch. For some odd reason, I opened the door, sat down, and called out her name...Sam. She came right to me and sat on my lap and immediately purred. She captured my heart with her big green eyes and the copper spot on the top of her head, which through time, affectionately became known as her 'kissing spot.'

Thanks for visiting!

March 29, 2010

More Cat Professions...

Meet Tommy, a Maine Coon beauty with an aptitude for hospitality and home decor. Crazy Cat Lady Carm says the proof is in the photos!

"Our blue classic tabby Maine Coon Boy Lord Thomas Milton would be a florist/gift basket designer and an oPURRa Singer too! ...That was a kitty gift basket Randy and I got when we played (flute-me and violin-him) for a relative's wedding. Tommy just loves anything with cellophane and bows... When I get flowers he is just filled with joy! I can definitely see him running a floral/gift shop by day and singing in a choir by night."

Many cat professions seem to be in the area of service to others, such as Cat Lady Amy's oldest:
"Our first cat, Casey, would be my husband's personal valet. He's a tuxedo kitty so he's already wearing the uniform. He makes sure my husband's towel is at hand when he gets out of the shower. He escorts him throughout the house, so he is always on hand if my husband has any needs. He supervises the making of Earl Grey tea every night."

On Facebook, Kristina L reports that she has a brother and sister team who provide service as--paper shredders!

Astromusette tell us: "My tuxie boy Capriccio is always the first to try to get to know any new foster kitties that come into the house - I think of him as the neighborhood greeter. So he'd be perfect as a Welcome Wagon host."

Plaka says: "My black one-eyed boy cat, Cap'n Jack, is best as a lap tester. Any time I'm sitting down, sewing, reading, computer, etc., he is right there making sure that my lap is the proper height and comfort lever. Since he was injured as a young kitty, his purr is more of a bubble so if I hear a perking sound, I know my lap is up to spec."

Be sure to read the rest of the entries in the Comments Section of the Spring Celebration Giveaway blog post! While you are there, don't forget to add your own comment to be eligible to win a custom portrait of your own kitty in his or her chosen profession ($45.00 value). There are only a few days left to enter, so don't delay!

March 26, 2010

Professional Cats

The 365 Cat Ladies Spring Celebration Giveaway asks:
If your cat had a profession what would it be?

Buttonwillow (pictured here) would be a professional fireplace and furnace tester. All autumn and winter long she very conscientiously inspects a unit, testing it from every possible angle for sufficient BTUs, comfort zones, and aesthetic considerations. It is very seasonal work, so in the summer she switches to professional sunbeam tester.

Among our other entries, a number of felines prefer professions in the arts:

Cat Lady Sara E. reports: My kitten Athena would be a perfect deejay! one of her favorite games is stepping on the buttons of my clock radio, turning the songs on and off - and has been known to race across the room to turn off songs she doesn't care for.

Professional Cat Ducky Doo tells us: My sister Patches is most definitely a ballet dancer. She'll dance on command for her favorite human, well maybe only when she wants to eat and the human has the can in hand.

Law Enforcement also seems to be a common thread:

Magpie reports: We call our cat "The Sheriff". I almost bought him a tiny badge once, but alas he refuses to wear his uniform so has nowhere to pin it. He oversees every detail of the goings on around the house, especially every move our other cat makes. He doesn't hesitate to step in if she does something wrong. He's actually quite annoying about the whole thing, but he doesn't see it that way. I think he feels it's his job to make sure everything runs in perfect order

KittyLady says: My Rowdy is always pouncing on the other kitties and us. He would be the perfect drill sargent. He makes sure the others on on their toes and keeps them in shape. We always get reminded on feeding time and he wakes us up.

Cat Lady Luanne of Rusty Dawg Pet Products tells us: Hemi, my seal point Himmy, would be a Police Officer! She's known as the "fun police" around here and any time one of the other kitties is playing she just has to give them the look and they stop! If they don't stop, she gives them a slappin'!

Be sure to read the rest of the entries in the Comments Section of the Spring Celebration Giveaway blog post! While you are there, don't forget to add your own comment to be eligible to win a custom portrait of your own kitty in his or her chosen profession ($45.00 value). There are only a few days left to enter, so don't delay!

March 17, 2010

A Spring Celebration Giveaway!

Question: If your cat had a profession
what would it be?

Would he or she be an aviator like Miles?

Or a motorcycle mechanic?

Perhaps an ornithologist?

...a fashionista blogger?

Or a blogging fashionista?

Based on your favorite feline's characteristics and special qualities, tell us in 50 words or less what his or her profession might be in the comments section of this post. (One entry per person, please).

Each person who leaves a comment will be entered into a drawing to be held on March 31. At 7 p.m. PST on that day, one name will be drawn at random and the winner will win an ORIGINAL, custom portrait of their one favorite cat portrayed in their chosen profession! It will be a 4.5 x 6.5 inch artwork matted to 11 x 14 inches ( a $45.00 value).

Please make sure that I have a way to contact you if you are the winner, such as a link to your blog or e-mail address included in the comment.

Also, if you encounter trouble with the Comments feature, please contact me by e-mail --you'll find a link under my Profile

Thanks for participating!

March 15, 2010

If Miles Had Wings...

Does your cat dream of flight? Miles the Cat does. When he dreams of having wings, this is the kind he'd like to have:

Cat Lady Sarah tells us the story of Miles and how he came to live with Sarah and Corey and why he has a passion for biplanes:

"Our friend had been watching after and feeding a couple strays outside, and one had a litter. She found homes for everyone but Miles (can you believe it??). So we just went to 'look' at him. Instantly we fell in love and took him home (and his mom was fixed shortly afterward).

"When we sit around in the evening, we like to talk about our cats and what they might like to do had cats been given a broader range of options in life. Like, what jobs they would hold, where they might like to travel, and which vehicles they would be most apt to operate.

"I like to think of Miles flying a biplane because a) he is rather large so he would fit snugly in the seat, b) he yearns to be high up, but his "stature" is a bit prohibitive (i.e. he cannot reach the top of our highest bookcase), and c) I think he prefers classic technology to the new-fangled variety. Plus, he'd just look so cute in one! (He is currently on a diet and has lost some weight - but I think he will always just be a big boy!)

"Miles has two brothers and a sister. If Miles were not flying a biplane, he'd be in the sidecar of his younger brother Marty's motorcycle, for sure. His brother Marty might hold a job as a feline cannonball, while Miles would probably be the big fuzzy mascot for a small town sports team. His sister Stella would be a librarian, and she would drive a sensible sedan, perhaps a Subaru. Miles' oldest brother Pinot Grigio would hold a job as an accountant, as the green visor would bring out his green eyes, and he likes peace and quiet. And if he's as careful with math as he is about his personal hygiene, he'd be great at it.

"... They are all rescues, and four is the magic number for us...Stella was adopted from Centre County Paws which helps homeless animals in our area.

"When we're not hanging out with our cats, we both work in the human services. I will be graduating in May as a Speech-Language Pathologist, and Corey will be starting school in the fall for Rehabilitation Counseling. I will be working with kids in the schools, and Corey wants to work with adults who have HIV/AIDS and other disabilities. She currently works as a counselor at a domestic violence/sexual assault shelter."

Oh, by the way, you can't see it in the picture above, but Miles has a sky-writing biplane and the message today says:

March 13, 2010


Welcome to the newest members of the Card-Carrying Crazy Cat Lady Club!

Our newest members come to us from far and wide, including our first international members! Cat Lady Anne (pictured here with Picasso) and Cat Lady Lotta join us from Finland. You may remember Anne as Cat Lady No. 293, our Fabulous Finnish Feline Fanatic who taught us how to say "cat lady" in Finnish:

We'd also like to welcome Canadian members: Cat Lady Luanne P. and veterinarian Dr. Katie J., both from Ottowa, Canada. An equal-opportunity pet lover, Luanne sells handmade and eco-friendly pet business items for both cats and dogs at her website Rusty-Dawg Pet Products.

From here in the states we welcome Cat Ladies Janet I., Sarah H, Jana B., Cheryl R., Alison R., Penny D., Debra G., Pamela L., Rose G. Susan H., Dianna G., Crystal B., Carol P., and Lisa W.

Be sure to carry your I.D. card in your wallet at all times to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are a certified feline fanatic, and always wear your club pin with pride. Remember that a dollar from each new membership goes to the Oregon Humane Society who does great work here, and last month we donated $30. In the rural Northwest there seems to be a high number of rescues from "hoarders" each year and the OHS has developed a great foster program to deal with these emergencies. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

It's easy to join the Card-Carrying Crazy Cat Lady Club! [Note: Memberships may be purchased until the end of today, and then shop will be closed for a 10-day vacation until March 24]. The membership kit includes a personalized I.D. Card, a members-only pinback button, Club Guidelines, and Club Creed. Gift memberships may also be purchased--just provide name, city, and hair color of the recipient. Find out more here:

March 11, 2010

Some Winning Bibliophiles

A big thank you to all of the book-loving Cat Ladies who submitted feedback regarding the ideal length for a ribbon bookmark.

Each name was thrown into a hat and 6 were chosen at random; the winners will each receive a prototype bookmark. The winners are: Mary S., Sheila K., Dawn H., Tammy T. , Linda G., and Tanya G. Congratulations!

[Note: If you
have wee ones about, be sure to visit Cat Lady Tanya's blog High On Craft and her Etsy Shop to enjoy her adorable art and designs for the kiddos. This entire month she is featuring "Boredom Buster" craft project how-tos for kids out on spring break.]

And as a result of your valued input into my market research, I have chosen to use an 11-inch ribbon on each of my new bookmarks--long enough for most hard-bound books, but not an overwhelming length for paperbacks. The first three designs are hot off the sewing machine and available in my Etsy shop (click on image to be whisked away):

Thanks for participating!

I also have lots of gift ideas for book lovers in my Cafepress shop including book bags, mugs, and t-shirts, featuring the cat lady designs you see here. Perfect for your favorite Librarian, Teacher, or Book Club Buddy--they are available at this link (0r click on any picture):

March 10, 2010

Vacation Alert!

I recently realized that, with the exception of a few 3-day jaunts last summer, I have not gone on a vacation trip for almost a year-and-a-half. It's definitely time to correct that situation! An opportunity to drive cross-country with a friend presented itself recently, so---- I'm heading out on a road trip next week to see what adventures await out on the open highway!

Traveling always leads to some logistical problems to solve--the big one being: What about the cats? I don't know who is more traumatized by separation anxiety --the pet owner or the pet. I had one cat who would not "speak" to me for about 12 hours after my return from a trip, purposely turning her back to me and giving me the cold shoulder. Eventually, she wouldn't be able to stand it any longer, and suddenly all would be forgiven and she would be all over me with head-butts and purrs...Luckily my current cats will be in good hands during my absence!

As for business, I will be closing my Etsy shop for 10 days from Sun. March 14 until Wed. March 24 . I will be completing my current line-up of orders, but I will not be able to take on any new custom orders until March 24. My Cafepress shops will remain open. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to send an email.

The deadline for ordering Mother's day custom portraits will be April 18th to allow time for the artwork to be finished and mailed in time to arrive before May 9th, so be sure to plan ahead!

How do YOU deal with separation anxiety when it comes to pets? Leave your comments at the end of this post.

Happy Trails to you!

March 7, 2010

More Prototypes, A Favorite Book, and Another Giveaway!

Here is another peek at what Old Necchi (my ancient Italian sewing machine) and I have been up to:

Soft sculpture kitty bookmarks!
Each cat measures 3" tall, and there is a tiny gold heart charm at the other end of the ribbon, but here is where more market research and your opinion come in:

I have found there is a wide variation in the length of ribbon bookmarks that are available, usually anywhere from 6 inches to 12 inches.

Today's burning question is:
What is the ideal length for a bookmark?

Please leave your answer in the Comments section of this post. The giveaway will end Wednesday night at 7 p.m. when I will choose 6 names (that's SIX lucky winners folks, the odds are in your favor) at random from this post and my Facebook page and each winner will receive one of these prototypes! [Bear in mind that there are slight variations in the prototypes and they may vary slightly from the photos...]

Please make sure that I have a way to contact you if you are the winner, such as a link to your blog or e-mail address included in the comment.

Also, if you encounter trouble with the Comments feature, please contact me by e-mail --you'll find a link under my Profile

By the way, don't you just LOVE this book? It's one of my treasures! It's called HANDS AND THEIR CONSTRUCTION by Victor Perard and was published in 1940. Each page is filled with gorgeous line drawings of hands of every kind imaginable, plus anatomical lessons too!

March 3, 2010

When Guys Do Good

Gift-giving can sometimes be a complicated and dangerous mine field for men, particularly on occasions when expectations might run high, for example, on Valentines Day. That's why we always want to applaud our guys when they get it right.

When customer David V. contacted me about a surprise portrait for his sweetheart Nancy, he asked to include her son Alex, and their two canine cuties, Jordy and Max. There was a question about it arriving in time for Valentines Day, so being the model customer, he said that there was no pressure; it would make a lovely Easter gift if need be.

The portrait got done in the nick of time and was mailed out by priority mail, but alas, the Big Blizzard arrived back East, and what should have taken 3 days to arrive, took a full week.

David explains: "The portrait did arrive on the 15th but I was able to show my sweetie the [computer] image you sent of the final product and she was thrilled to say the least...she immediately made it her facebook and IM profile pic and got a ton of comments about it including something like 'The man did good Nancy, he did real good'.

"When I got the painting in the mail and brought it to her we had a great time trying to figure out where to display it. It currently resides in her dining room and looks great!"

David, a freelance web designer recently created a beautiful pro-bono site for Feline Urban Rescue which serves the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

I think we all agree with Nancy's friend:

You did good David, you did real good!

March 2, 2010

Thanks for Your Input! We Have Winners!

It turns out that "fanciful" edged out "fur-real" in public opinion, but not by much! Because there was a positive response to BOTH styles, I'm proceeding with production on both.

THANK YOU to everyone for your great feedback and ideas on my new lavender sachet prototypes. I love all of the creative input! I have selected 6 names at random and each will receive one of the prototypes. Congratulations to Cat Ladies Anne S, Judy B, Linda L, Ann N, Alison R, and Amy S. I've sent notification to each of you and you should receive your sachet within a week or so...

[Alison had a good point for those of us with naughty kitties--the little gold charm could pose a choking hazard to mischievous cats (and small children for that matter) that might mistake these for toys, so I've decided to add a little warning in with each one. Down the road, I have plans to make actual cat toys, but they will not have any dangerous dangles...]

Thanks for participating!

Didn't win? Don't feel bad. I've just finished the first "fur real" batch of this design featuring terrific tabby Tina and her kitten Tiny Tim. As a thank you to readers, I'm offering them at a special introductory price of $6.00 each for THREE days only- today, Wed. and Thurs. (regular price will be $8.50).

Each sachet is 5" tall and generously filled with high quality lavender buds. I'll be making them in small batches and will add more as needed. They are available in my Etsy shop at this link:
Tina Tabby Sachet