August 4, 2009

Cat Lady No. 213...Little Gifts That Mean A Lot

Cat Lady Kate has a thing for cats. She loves cats and wants to make the world a beautiful place for them. And not just for her own cats, but for felines far and wide.

When Kate is not working on her two beautiful websites Modern Cat and Catio Showcase, she is often involved in cat rescue projects. Her current project is Oasis de los Gatos in Arizona, which is in urgent need of donations. Visit the link to find out how you can help out, and how you can be eligible to win a fabulous modern cat bed!

Here is one of Kate's favorite cat stories, which she calls "The Killing Rug":

Many years ago, my dear friends Nancy and Andy had two beautiful cats, Gioco, a big sweet black cat, and Macchia, an adorable and sassy little tortie.

Nancy and Andy had a round rug in their living room. Whenever Macchia caught a little something out in the yard, she would bring it inside and place it in the middle of the rug. She would meow with pride until someone came to congratulate her.

One day the older, and much slower, Gioco was the one calling from the rug. When Nancy and Andy rushed over to see what all the fuss was about, they saw Gioco's big catch - a half a hot dog covered in gravel and dirt.

Good job, Gioco!

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PretaPawte said...

just found your blog. what a great idea

Leslie Kaufman said...

Just goes to show you how individual our feline friends are! Precious!

8GR8LOLCATS said...

I LOVE Moderncat! So many wonderful gifts and ideas for cat lovers! I subscribe by email! KUDOS to Kate for all you do!

jmuhj said...

We love Kate and her cats, and her cat advocacy! Hope everyone who's able visits and makes a donation to help the wonderful cats of Oasis de Los Gatos in'll be so glad you did, it will bring a big smile to your face!

Janie said...

Lol! My indoor cat brings me a fake catnip mouse and meows very proudly about her catch!!!

Little Doll said...

What a sweet story! The watercolor portrait is just perfect.