WELCOME to my online gallery celebrating fabulous felines and those who love them...!!

.....Every neighborhood has at least one feline fanatic, commonly referred to as "The Cat Lady."

Each day during 2009 I introduced a different Cat Lady (and a few Cat Lads too!) that I had the pleasure of painting, sharing their stories along the way.  Some were fanciful, some were real-life pet lovers, and all were fun to paint! As a result, I've made the acquaintance of hundreds cat ladies and animal lovers from around the world, and I've continued to tell their stories on this blog! 


Be sure to leave your feedback and comments at the end of each blog post-- it always makes my day to hear from you!

I also enjoy sharing my creative process here.  Creating art with a sense of whimsy and luscious paint-box colors is a source of great joy for me. My hope is that when you see my artwork, a bit of that whimsy and joy will spill over into your life too.

My art is inspired by Mother Nature, gardens, pet lovers and cats. I then use my illustrations to design prints, handcrafted gifts and jewelry which I sell in my online Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SusanFaye.

Another source of inspiration is my little furry friend Buttonwillow.  She is my studio assistant and chief mischief maker and enjoys appearing in my blog occasionally.  Other things that bring me joy: My  son, family,  friends,  hiking, bird watching, blogging, sewing, photography, and gardening. 

You'll find more of my artwork and links to my other web sites here:  SusanFaye.net  If you have any questions or suggestions, you will find a link to my email there.

REMEMBER TO RECYCLE, REDUCE AND RE-USE!!  It's easy and it really makes a difference.  

I will not be able to take on any new orders for custom portraits. (If you are a previous customer and I am working on a series for you, I will still be able to complete portraits for you)

I've LOVED creating so many fun portraits over the last three years (over 300 of them!), but recent time constraints and new commitments have made it very difficult to give a piece of custom artwork the specialized time and attention it deserves. I have many new creative projects in the wings that I am looking forward to working on and sharing with you.

Thank you for understanding! And thank you SO much for continuing to support my creative endeavors...it means a lot to me!

All the best, Susan Faye