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Thanks to the generosity of 99 Kickstarter backers in April 2013, Snazzy Rat Catnip Toys have now made their way into the world, and testimonials and photos have been rolling in ever since.  What? You say your own Kitty Dearest does not have a Snazzy Rat yet?  Don't panic; they are now available in my Etsy shop at this link: SNAZZY RAT CATNIP TOYS

Here is one of my favorites so far, sent in by Cat Lady Mary R.  It seems that Piggy, Hugo, Squeeky, and Chaps have been enjoying their Snazzy Rats! (Maybe TOO much... check out the glowing eyes!)

"My kitty George supported your kickstarter project. He got his loot today and he's through the roof, high on catnip. We could smell it as we were opening the package! We also bought a rat for my mom's 2 kitties. I just wanted to say thank you, i am eternally looking for made in the US cat products that are also esthetically pleasing and fun for my cat. I'm sure George will sneak online and buy more in the near future!" photo courtesy of Cat Lady Claire. 
George isn't going to let his "Cheese Louise" Snazzy Rat get away...
"The snazzy rats are a hit! Clawing open the mailer was just the start." ~photo courtesy of Cat Lady Joana E (on behalf of Baloo, Percy, Ming and Pikachu)
Apparently a lot of resourceful kitties have tried to open their own Snazzy Rat packages!

~ Photos of Tango from Cat Lady Missy D:
 "She even helped open the package! Tango is very possessive of her rat. I put it away for a few days a week - then she thinks she is getting a new toy when I bring it out."
This picture was taken after 20 minutes of wild play.
This was her in constant movement
 when I gave her the rat.

"Had to tell you that your Snazzy Rats are a favorite now at our house! Onyx Kitty just loves her Snazzy Rat!!!"   ~photo courtesy of Cat Lady Pat A.
Onyx spends some quality time with a "Peace 'Nip" Snazzy Rat

Terrific Tortie Jojo is a "senior" cat (about 11 in human years) who resides in Portland, Oregon, with her Cat Lady Samantha. Here she enjoys her "Mellow Yellow" Snazzy Rat:
  "One sniff of that 'nip and I felt like a spring kitten and a wild jungle beast all rolled into one! "

Fluffy  and Midnight of Attleboro, MA, are staff assistants to Cat Lady Rose of Angelcat Haven.
Fluffy Gates smiles for the camera with a Happy Daze Snazzy Rat

"I don't always play with rats, but when I do, it's a SNAZZY RAT!" ~Midnight Gates~ (in photo below)

Formerly a California Cool Cat, "Little Guy" now resides in McMinnville, Oregon, with his human Cat Lady Mary. 
Little Guy, aka Belly Boy, Bubba, Big Fella and Hey You enjoys his Flower Power Snazzy Rat

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Jinx now resides in Monmouth, Oregon, with his humans Tina and James.  
Jinx applies a deft bunny kick to his LaLa land Snazzy Rat

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