August 14, 2009

Cat Lady No. 224... Do You Haiku?

Cat Lady Mildred and fellow poetry lover Abercrombie occasionally enjoy reading Cat Haiku. Both are excited about trying their hand at it themselves, then entering the 365 Cat Ladies Giveaway for August.

Here is their first attempt at Cat Haiku:

Voluminous cat
of ginger stripe elegance
purrs with contentment

The simplified Western version of haiku is usually described as an un-rhymed, three-line verse of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables. gives a more complete description of Western haiku:
  • contains 17 syllables or fewer
  • written in three lines or fewer
  • it is untitled
  • it is unrhymed
  • it can be read in one breath
  • has two images in juxtaposition
  • contains concrete images
  • contains two images separated by a pause
  • links nature with human nature
  • often includes a season word or "kigo"
  • contains no similes
For more information about haiku, visit their informative link: About haiku
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Jen said...

Paws of velvet steel
Eyes that soothe my errant soul
Feline purrfection unowned