August 28, 2009

Cat Lady No. 237...Snooze Alarm

Cat Lady Amaryllis knows that Chester will go to great lengths to maintain his aura of majestic dignity and regal aloofness at all costs, but she just could not resist buying him a silly cat toy.

Chester, feeling magnanimous after a particularly nice bowl of tuna, decided to hu
mor Amaryllis and feign interest in the skittering creature. Amaryllis was delighted. Chester was ready for a good snooze.

Here are a few more delightful Cat Haikus from the 365 Cat Ladies Giveaway for August. This particular topic happens to be Chester's favorite pastime: snoozing!

Submitted by Ducky Doo, an orange tabby cat:

Wonderful sunshine
Warming my soft tabby fur
Dreaming happy dreams

Submitted by Cat Lady Laura:

Six cats spend their time
stretched out snoozing in the sun
I'd love to be them!

Submitted by Cat Lady Ty Marie:

With a constant purr
I roll him off of my face
To finally get some sleep

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