August 17, 2009

Cat Lady No. 227...Mesmerized by Moonlight

Cat Lady Jordan and her beautiful Maine Coon Tabby Cassiopeia know just how to beat the heat on warm summer nights: spread a blanket out on the grass and enjoy looking at the moon and stars, and the occasional planet.

Stardate Online
is an excellent website that will tell you the phase of the moon on any given night, PLUS where in the sky to look for specific planets.

For example: "Venus, the morning star, is below the Moon at first light on the 17th, and to the upper right of the Moon on the 18th [of August]".

There is also a Sunrise/Sunset Calculator and a Beginner's Guide to Stargazing.

Happy gazing and thanks for visiting!

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Snowcatcher said...

Your artwork is so fun and whimsical. But this one has to be my favorite. Love the links, too! Thanks for sharing!