October 30, 2010

All Hallow's Eve

Pumpkin Time is here.
Buttonwillow is ready for Halloween in her black mask and cape,
dreaming up tricks and hoping for treats.

Her trick is to stare at the ceiling to make you think that something is up there...a nutty squirrel, perhaps? Or maybe a broom-toting Cat Lady cackler with a pointy hat...

And now for the treats. Are they in here?

No? Not to worry. Her new friend Jacko Lantern will help her find those treats. She likes that he has teeth almost as sharp and pointy as hers. And how can you resist those eyes? {{ Mwa-ha-haaaaa }}


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Deb Riddell said...

Oooooh, spooky Susan! Buttonwillow is looking very fetching this Halloween and her new buddy Jacko Lantern is quite handsome in his own sort of ghoulish way! Have a Happy Halloween! Deb

Catherine said...

Very fun photos! Hopefully Buttonwillow is not bothered by the ringing doorbell. Banjo tends to ignore it after the first few times.

Happy Halloween Sunday!
xo Catherine

curator said...

Awesome photos of Buttonwillow and that excellent pumpkin! Have a very fun Halloween!

Birgit said...

Happy Halloween! :)

I SO love the photos of Butterwillow.


Crystal said...

What a cute cat! :-)

Barbara said...

Priceless photos! And that pumpkin is great.