December 28, 2009

Cat Lady and Feline Fella Nos.357 and 358...Fantastic Furkids

Cat Lady Sharon and Feline Fella Mark have their hands full with their three furry "children"...

Sharon reports: "Black cat Jazz is mellow, a perfect lap cat, a total cuddle bug, purrs louder than any cat I know. Sometimes, so loud that it keep us up at night while we're trying to sleep. .. He's definitely Mark's cat... as soon as my husband comes home from work, sits down on the couch, Jazz is like a magnet to Mark. Jazz kisses and rubs his cheeks on Mark's chest for hours. He loves having his tailed pulled and his fur brushed for hours."

Smooky is the other big boy and "loves to eat and meows as soon as I wake up each morning. He'll sit at the edge of my bed anticipating eye contact.... As soon as he see the whites of my eyes, he'll start meowing relentlessly... Almost every night when I go to bed, Smooky will go to his toy box in the living room and put a play mouse or a yarn ball in his mouth and meow all the way down the hallway to my bedroom and then drop the toy in my room." This has been a ritual for 15 years, since he was a wee kitten!

Little girl Mittens was found in an old abandoned garage hidden behind a huge, loud generator. Sharon and Mark were able to rescue her after a week of trying to catch her. She was a month old, barely alive and covered with hundreds of fleas. After a trip to the vet and some TLC, she has grown into a "devilish, cunning, undermining, keen, loving, smart, and just a beautiful girl..." She is extra-special because she is polydactyl--with extra toes on each of her front paws!

At one time Sharon and Mark worried that their house might be haunted. Sometimes when they came home from work, their kitchen cabinets were open, and the hallway light was on. As Sharon tells it: "Well, after a year or so, as we were on the couch watching t.v. and through my peripheral vision, I saw something jump up high (about 5 feet) and turn on the hallway light." It was Mittens! "I guess having the extra toes, she's able to grab a hold of knobs without hesitation. Mystery solved... She brings us so much joy and entertainment, she lights up my world and I can't imagine my life without her. She was meant to be in our lives."

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