December 29, 2009

Cat Lady and Feline Fella Nos. 359 and 360...The More The Merrier

Cat Lady Jean and Feline Fella Tom, married for 43 years, were a one-cat-at-a-time family for decades, but in recent years that has all changed... Jean (aka Jean the Queen--of Laundry and Litter!) tells the story:

"We've been married since 1966 and have one daughter, Karen. We have had a cat in our lives since Karen was a small girl but we'd never had more than one at a time and they tended to live long lives (17+ to 18+ years).

"Then after losing the last single cat, we decided a few months later to get another cat and wanted a kitten -- and looking through various cat publications, Tom was very taken with a breed we'd never heard of before, the RagaMuffin. We contacted a breeder [who happens to be Cat Lady Sharon, No. 269!] and she ended up finding us our special boy, Cole. We then got Bliss, our old-style Siamese that same year; the following year after becoming addicted to showing cats (something we'd never known about previously) we adopted St Nick as a good candidate for being shown.

"All of our cats have titles -- Cole and Nick are both Quad Grand Champions (highest rank possible) and we have literally, hundreds of rosettes and a few plaques and trophies to show for their achievements. Our newest kitten, a four-month old Tonkinese boy, Beau, has only been in one show but got 6 ribbons out of a possible 8 -- so he's off to a very good start but he kinda 'acted up'-- yowling and flipping & flopping around-- so he may end up not continuing with a show 'career.'

"They are wonderful cats -- with lots of experience in riding in cars and exploring motel rooms, being brushed and taking 'show' baths -- and bringing us a lot of joy each day!"

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