July 18, 2010

What's Cookin' At World Headquarters...and a Giveaway!

Illustration Friday

There's more than just breakfast cooking here at Susan Faye World Headquarters (pictured at left: Buttonwillow's dream breakfast).

Studio Assistant Buttonwillow and I are up to our elbows in Research & Development experimenting with designs for my new wearable art glass pendants.

Market Research is next and Buttonwillow can't decide which is her favorite. She needs your help!

Please take a look at the 16 newest designs below, and tell her which one you like the best in the Comments section at the end of this post (additional feedback, opinions and suggestions would be most appreciated and welcome if you are so inclined--i.e., do you prefer the ones with the heart dangles or without?)...
[Ed. note: an astute reader or two pointed out that there are TWO I's... I'm changing them to I-A and I-B!]

As a thank you, your name will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a pendant of your choice, which will include 24" petite ball chain (up to a $20 value)!!! One name will be drawn at random on Sunday, July 25, at 8:00 p.m. PST.
















Please make sure that I have a way to contact you in case you are the lucky winner, such as a link to your blog or e-mail address included in your comment.

Also, if you encounter trouble with the Comments feature, please contact me by e-mail --you'll find a link under my Profile

All of the pendants pictured are currently for sale in my Etsy Shop online.

Thanks for visiting!


Dawn Herron said...

they are all so pretty I think my favorite is C. How ever with the charms on them I think they add a nice touch as well. C reminds me of my tabby Chance
Proud cat mom to 6 Dawn

Tanya said...

All your pendants are lovely, but if I had to choose one it would be C.
Will you be doing a pendant with a ginger kitty?
Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors said...

aw, I like TWO.. C and J.

I can't help it. They are both eye catching. C highlights the cat the best, but J has a wonderful composition..

mysteri1229 said...

welllll . . . . I have a suggestion for a pendant that I don't see posted :) but of the ones posted I like:
A - cause my C.C. was a tuxedo cat
G - cause I always have like raccoons - (except for the ones that come through my cat door and eat the cat food)I have this pic on my office clock.
L&M - cause I like angel kitties
N - cause I am a CCCCL
Does that help Buttonwillow narrow down her decisions at all?
~~~~~ teri

Unknown said...

Tanya--yes, I have a ginger kitty in the works and will probably be available sometime next week!

Teri--I think you're hinting that your custom portrait might look good on one of these...What a great idea!! Some portraits will work better than others on such a small format but it would be fun to experiment...

KristyBLovely said...

All the pendants are so lovely! I especially like (in order) are:
1. H
2. E
3. I

You do wonderful work. Keep it up!

Amy Eileen Koester said...

I'd love to have them all! But if I have to choose just one I'll go with K. The colors in it are glorious.

Anonymous said...

they are all so adorable. I am gonna choose L, loving the fairy cat mama and her fairy fur baby.



The Grape Lady said...

I pick "G"! But I love the ones with the dangly things. :) - Sarah


Unknown said...

My absolute favorite is J. I just love the little dangling heart.

My second choice is B. That is just so me!


Daisy said...

Those are fabulous! My favorite is L. I think it is magical.

Jane Grant Tentas said...

J is my favorite, but then I like all your cat designs!

Anonymous said...

G, because it is so unusual. I've never seen a racoon showcased so I'd feel special.

I love all the kitties ones and I'm with the studio assistant. I think I prefer no dangles, although I think there should be an assortment because many do.

s/ fookiefolk, a family of painted personalities

Kim (Freese) Taylor said...

All very nice designs! I have several cat pieces of your work, and one of the garden fairies :) Therefore, I am inclined toward G first; I like the colors and asymmetrical balance of the raccoon design, and because I do not have one yet; I would say C is my second choice. The charms are a nice touch, however might I suggest you use those on the more "fanciful" designs -- i.e. the bears might be a bit rugged for the dainty heart :)
thank you and keep up the wonderful work!
Kim in Tennessee
all of my children have paws - 4 cats, 1 dog

Cat said...

They are all so beautiful! I like A because I have a tuxedo kitty, so if I follow that route I have to pick O also because I have a white boy too (and a ginger and a calico) But objectively speaking L and M are lovely, the flying angel cats are delightful!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You just keep coming up with never ending creative ideas! My favorite is C, but I also like E,H,J,L,M and N. I would also be interested in a necklace or charm bracelet with an assortment of cat faces to choose from! An orange tabby, a fluffy black kitty, and a brown tabby (my kitties)would get my vote! Rose, cat lady 338

Catherine said...

You are so talented and creative ~ and what a lovely give-a-way!

I think my favourite is M. The little fairy girl and her kitty ~ so cute!

Hope you have a lovely week!
xo Catherine

Unknown said...

Denise D. writes via Etsy: I have to say all of these glass pendants are lovely but I am drawn to M with the Blue Fairy Cat. The artwork is whimsical and fun like a kitty. I love the ones with dangles but the simplicity of the simple square is perfect.

Nutamu said...

Is it just me or are there two I's?

I think they are all nice though I prefer them without the dangle.

My top favs are:
C:because it is a close up of a tabby cat alone and I have a cat that looks like that.

E: because it is just beautiful and because it is the same image on the ornament my Ducky Doo won on an ornament.

G: that raccoon looks great on the pendant

H: because it is whimsical and cute

I: (the one with the cat not the bears) because once again I have a cat like that and i like the way it looks.

L: because it is very cute and my fav out of the two faerie pendants

and last
N: because it just suits me perfectly and once again whimsical and cute.

Whoa that's still too many choices huh?
Hmm down to three?
C, I (with the cat) and H

Mimi Cross said...

They are all lovely but I like G best. I love the idea of Kitty Mom sheltering her sweet feline from the storm.

Patty C

loralai said...

Susan I like H. But I also like J and N. OK N. I think. Love them all actually! Great job as usual.

Anonymous said...

I love them all but as much as I love the kitties and bears (oh my) I'm voting for D because I'm a stargazer at heart. I agree with the comment that suggested all of them would be great with the little charms. You do such wonderful work!
Kay Kniep who follows you on facebook.

Irena said...

They are all so beautiful and my favorite is H. What a clever idea to make your paintings into small works of art.

Unknown said...


I think I like E the best, but the dangles are a great idea- really lovely and well done.


Birgit said...

Hi there,

First of all, I so enjoy your blog that I now added it to my list of favorite blogs. :) That being said I am excited to see your pendants. Personally, I like the plain ones better. As for my very favorite one, I was sure I would pick a cat (H is VERY high on my list of favorite pendants), but then I saw the raccoon. Gosh, how could I resist a raccoon? So it's G for me. LOVELY!!! :)

Thanks for the winning chance, too. It's one of those giveaways you can only dream about winning. :)

Greetings from Munich,

deeol said...

They're wonderful.

After a fair amount of debate I think I'd have to go with J because of the composition (and the tulip). For my taste I'd go without the danglers completely, but they are lovely.

Cat Wisdom 101 said...

I prefer all the ones without humans. For those into power/totem animals the raccoon and bear are a nice touch. If I had to pick only one, it would be C.

Traci said...

Sigh. Where to start...D and E, I'd wear those as earrings together...but I also like G and K. I love the way you did the leaves on the raccoon one, and my boys both like to snuggle (or shoulder surf) with us. I prefer them without dangles, but I may be alone in that. Keep on playin'!
Traci, tlsmarcotte@earthlink.net

Unknown said...

I love them all!
I'll vote for J - I want to do this with my paintings for for the life of me I can't get my Jpegs to print of in perfect 1x1 squares.

Ladystarlight said...

It's a toss up for me between B and F, but I like F better. The kitty and woman under the umbrella is so soothing to me. It totally says relaxation to me. All of your pendants are lovely by the way.

volcat said...

H, J, L & M. They are all beautiful though. I love your work. Do you do individual designs?

Unknown said...

Cat--I'm taking a break from custom portraits until Sept. 1, but they start as low as $20 for a mini painting which could then be put on a pendant. Eventually, I'm hoping to have a good selection of different cats with different colors/markings so that people can find ones that look like their own darlings...

White Rock Pet Services said...

I love H personally, But L and M would be wonderful gifts for someone grieving the loss of their cat. (I'm a pet sitter so I'm always on the lookout for gifts to give my clients when they suffer the loss of a pet.)

mesuzieq1960 said...

I love all of them, but I would have to say that K is my favorite. My Lucky loves to be held like that for hours.


Mimi Cross said...

Okay. I was so taken with Buttonwillow's name I gave the wrong letter when I commented earlier. I have a passion for F, because I love the idea of kitty mom sheltering her kitty love from the rain.

Alison aka CL # 333 said...

J - a whimsical cat for us all!

ys said...

H IA and M

I think it is fine without the heart dangles :) So pretty.

I love them all ^_^
meow! I really wish to have a pet cat!


Tara said...

I simply adore F! I love the rain, you see! I'm the proud mum to a copper and cream Turkish angora; I'd love to see you work with that colour combination. Your work is simply stunning. :)

Chris K said...

I have to go with "J" because it features two of my most favorite things: a tulip and a cat, both portrayed in Susan's wonderfully whimsical way! I also love the dangling heart which symbolizes my love of cats and tulips. "J" not only speaks to me but FOR me!

Unknown said...

Cat Lady Jean B. says: After taking 20 minutes to decide, I vote for "J". Was a tough choice, I can see why Buttonwillow is having trouble. I love them all. Still watching for the Maine Coon art !! though I haven't been on the pc for awhile. Just crazy about your art.
[thanks Jean--the Maine Coon is still sitting half-painted on my desk...better get to work!]

Anonymous said...

They are all great. It was hard to decide which one/s. I like I-B and H (thing for purple). I also am waiting on a maine coon and a himalayan please! Need to add to my others : )

malenna said...

I love all of them, and have a feeling of guilt by choosing just one ;)And so with I vote for K. It reminds me of one photo of my miss Liza and me. We don't have the same hair colour as those twoo on the pendant, but the pose is similar, :)

All of your work I admire so much, everyday...Good luck

Chat Noir said...

I kept scrolling through and thenback to the top, and scrolling through again.... I'm with Buttonwillow. Cant decide. In the end I chose O because there's a look in the eys of both cat and cat-lady that I recognise. Mutual admiration (nice to get it from someone, even if its a cat!!)

Love the new website too. Very easy to negotiate.

Unknown said...

C is the one that catches my eye...such a sweet expression on the kitty's face....it also reminds me of my neighbor's cat "Pepper" who often comes in and hangs out with us for a while and naps or plays with a paper wad...:)

Maryann said...

They are all so adorable, but I would have to go with A. I just lost my cat to cancer on Friday and while he was all black, that cat looks so much like him.

Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! Good luck to All!


Chris Maj said...

I love H! Butterflies, birdies and kitties, my favorite combination! Plus purple ;~) I do beadweaving and would love to have one as a centerpiece to a beaded necklace, bracelet or brooch!


MaryAnn said...

I love B!! But if you really want the truth, I like them all! This is one talented artist!!

Jen said...

I like B because I envision this to be me someday and I like J because it's all pretty.

I might suggest one with a cat atop their dream filled food bowl......with lots of food/fish whateva!