December 28, 2009

Cat Lady No. 356...All About Zippy

When you have fur as soft as a bunny, and the cutest meow, and your name is Zippy, it just follows that everyone who meets you wants to scoop you up and hug you.

Zippy, however, has other ideas. Cat Lady Debbie--who has had Zippy since she was a wee kitten--is the only one who is granted permission to scoop up and hug. As Debbie's daughter Dana reports: "Zippy loves to be in the same room as you but sure doesn't like being held. In fact she screams as soon as you start to pick her up. My mom is the only one that can hold Zippy for an extended amount of time."

Debbie, who works at an assisted living community and loves helping people in any way that she can, has obviously won the heart of Zippy!

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