August 29, 2012

Collecting Cats and Dogs

Look at what I found at an estate sale this weekend for $3! 

It's a framed vintage Buzza motto and I love the sentiment and the fitting artwork: a faithful friend awaiting a loved one's return.
According to the Hennigan County Library in Minnesota, "George Buzza founded the Buzza Company [in Minneapolis] in 1907. The company started out by selling college advertising posters and posters for retail clothing stores. When the market for these disappeared, he decided to manufacture greeting cards".  Framed mottos like this one were added and by 1927 sales reached $2.5 million. The Buzza Company continued in business until 1942.

Although the little gem pictured above is a "keeper" for my own collection,  I do have quite a few more cat and dog treasures available for adoption right now in my other Etsy shop, CurioCabinet.  Here are just a few to wet your whistle:

Scotty Dog Tie Clip
A classic retro tie clip or money clip for your favorite Scotty Dog Dude...This unique Art Deco piece features a reverse painted image of a Scotty Dog under convex glass set on goldtone metal.

I have black cats on the brain, thanks to the recent arrival of our little foundling, Inka, so I am particularly fond of this little glass plate: 

Black cat glass plate
This is a vintage bent glass dish or ash tray by Houze featuring a black cat and the words "Have a purrfect birthday . The L. J. Houze Convex Glass Company was formed in Point Marion, Pennsylvania in 1914 by Leon J. Houze and his son, Roger J. Houze. In 1952 the company developed the ‘smoked glass’ product line of screen printed trays, souvenir items, and even a line of formal dinnerware under the ‘Houze Art’ trade name. 

Here's the perfect something to help organize the desk in a pampered poodle home:

Poodle Pen Holder
 This vintage faithful friend will keep your vintage pen at hand whenever you need it (pen not included..It doesn't write anymore anyway).

Check out all of my treasures currently for sale here:  CurioCabinet.
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curator said...

Well, you know I think that's wonderful! What great finds!