February 25, 2012

Two Teeny Tiger Tabbies Need Names

These two little rascals are on the prowl for names.
Any ideas?

Leave your suggestions for a pair of names (up to 3) in the comments section of this post. On Monday I will pick my favorite 6 pairs of names and put it up to a vote here and on my Facebook page to choose the new names. Thanks for your help!


Stitchabilities said...

Polly and Molly


Jack and Jill


Moe and Joe

Katy said...

Skookumchuck and Skagit

Lesley said...

Merlin and Minstrel
Humbug and Taffy

iHanna said...

Love your paintings Susan!

I'm sure they are Stripey and Strider

Mariella said...

What about "Thing One" and "Thing Two"?
I Looove your cats!

Tinley Collins said...

Leopold & Oscar