February 26, 2012

Do You Collect Cats or Canines?

If you collect the REAL kind of kitty or canine, it's good to remember that Tuesday is World Spay Day, an annual event of The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International to inspire people to save animals' lives by spaying or neutering pets and feral cats. If your pets are already spayed or neutered, you may want to make a donation to one of the agencies providing low-cost services, to enable someone else to spay their pets at a low cost. You'll find lots of great information here, including a locator for finding low-cost spaying and neutering: WORLD SPAY DAY 2012

If you collect the collectible kind of cats or canines, we'd love to see photos of your collection! Below is but a small sampling of Cat Lady Rose's collection of sparkly and fun vintage cat brooches! Show us photos of your own collection of vintage cats, dogs, or other animal collectibles on my Facebook page (you must be a "liker" of the page before you will be able to post pictures there...)

Cat Lady Rose is one of the founders of Angelcat Haven, an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing the homeless and stray cats in the vicinity of Plainville, MA, who are in need of a HAVEN while waiting for their loving new homes. Find out more about their participation in low-cost altering of cats as part of Spay Day, and vote for Simon Gates in the Spay Day Photo Contest here!

Here are a couple of "keepers" from my own collection of collectibles:
salt and pepper shakers!

A couple of svelte and winking twins
And some of Disney Figaro Cat's long, lost cousins...

Currently up for adoption in my Etsy Curio Cabinet:

These little lustreware cuties are looking for a new home and are ready for any climate in their jaunty caps! See what else I have for sale in my Curio Cabinet here.

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Chrissykat said...

I do collect most everything of the feline variety...books, ceramics, jewelry, plates, knick-knacks, wall art...you name it. Thankfully, our home is minimal square feet so my collections are small enough that I won't end up on an episode of hoarders!

Anne said...

Got to go check out those doggies! (Love lusterware!) I'm a new follower, and a cat lady ~ come see the kitties and me if you can!