June 19, 2011

A Parade of Paternal Pet Papas

In honor of today's festivities, here is a little gallery of Dog Dudes, Feline Fellas, and Pet Papas who prove without a doubt that men are nurturers too, whether it's doting on their own offspring or their beloved furbabies...

Retired Police Chief Rick and Bo

Colin and the Girrrrrrls

Olivia's Dad

Alex's Friend of Felines

Linnea's Sweetie Pies

Gregg and His Loved Ones

Tracy and Asa

Jeremy and His Honey Bunches

Tommy and His Music Makers

Dan and Samantha and the Furkids

Callie and Zeke's Dads



Chrissykat said...

Sweet stuff...

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

OK..I can't stand it...you are going on my blog list so others can find you! Here I am at work (haha..) and I'm supposed to be actually "working" (whatever...) and all I can do is look at your paintings..so, yep, yoou are going on my blog listing FURsure..(see? I can be cat-a-ble too..)
So, we need to figure how we can get the whole wide world to find you..Hmm..maybe I can show one of your works when I "introduce" you? Can I copy & paste an example??

Unknown said...

Hi Colleen--nice to "meet" you! I enjoyed visiting your fun blog and seeing your furry friends (and aquatic pet too). I would LOVE it if you would cut and paste anything that you would like to share-- I appreciate you asking!I see you and I suffer from the same "bug"-- that collecting one. I salivate at a good yard sale... :-D