October 24, 2009

Cat Lady No. 293...A Fabulous Finnish Feline Fanatic

How do you say "Cat Lady" in Finnish? Cat Lady Anne and ginger tabby Picasso will translate for you: "kissaleidi"

Here is a little bit about their life in Finland:

"I grew up in a home with a dog, and my nearest family members have always had dogs. Somehow I ended up with a cat instead, which I feel fits my lazy personality better - no early walks on cold rainy mornings etc...

"Picasso, or Pico as I usually call him, is an elderly gentleman. I picked him up 18 years ago from a farm on the Finnish countryside when I heard there were a bunch of kittens looking for a home. I instantly fell for his ginger charm.

"He is mainly an indoor cat, but he has spent many summers at our family's summer house by a lake where he transforms from a couch loving pillow cat into The Great Hunter who lurks in the grass and clears the surroundings of mice.

"With age also comes illness. A few years ago Pico was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and is now getting medicine twice a day. Fortunately the pills can be mixed into his food, otherwise I would be covered with scratch marks. Now he also suffers from renal insufficiency, which can't be treated. I don't know which of his nine lives he is using right now, but he is still going strong. I know his condition might turn to the worse at any moment, though, so we might not have so much time left together...

"I still have to mention he is almost completely deaf, but there's nothing wrong with his sense of smell - the moment I take out some shrimps or tuna from the fridge the cat is there dancing around my feet.

"When he was younger Pico liked to sleep in the sink, but for the last couple of years he has spent many of his nights sleeping on top of me - which at times can be a bit annoying, but who can say no to a charming creature like him? He also enjoys lying i my lap while I read a good book or watch movies, my greatest hobbies in addition to playing with my Xbox. I'm also interested in photography, and of course Pico is one of my favourite subjects, although he himself isn't too fond of being photographed.

Being a cat mom has been so rewarding, getting all that fluffy love. Of course there are downsides like cat hair all over the place and on your clothes, hair balls on carpets and cat litter under your feet, but rather that than a cat-less home. =) "

You can enjoy some of Anne's beautiful photos of her handsome he-cat at this link: Photos of Picasso

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Estrella said...

Such a pretty history! picasso has lots of luck! u have a very original blog! congratulations!!