December 27, 2009

Cat Lady and Feline Fella Nos. 354 and 355...It's All in the Family

Tender hearts are obviously genetic. Take Cat Lady No. 45, ( SnipPet Creator Carrie), for example. Devoted animal lover, tireless animal rescue volunteer, and all-around sweetie pie.

Turns out, that's exactly how you could describe her parents, Cat Lady Linda and Feline Fella Putney. As Carrie tells us: "Mom and Dad are the best pet parents around! Those furry kids are so lucky! Mom volunteers doing a clean and feed shift weekly at Safe Haven for Cats...and also donates many of her paintings and artwork to their annual fundraising auction. In addition, she appears on WRAL News once a month with a cat or kitten available for adoption."

Many of the adoptees arrived via Carrie's rescue efforts, such as orange and white Oliver, tuxedo kitty Sylvester, and Misty the black and white spotted cat--Carrie "fostered her and saw how funny and wonderfully quirky she was and my parents adopted her, thankfully."

Henry the gray cat wound up in an Atlanta shelter with a terrible skin allergy after Hurricane Katrina hit...but now has found his home sweet home with Linda and Putney. The most recent adoptee was Cupie. "She was a 'return' at the cat shelter where my mom volunteers. She was very overweight, elderly and at some point had a botched declaw most people's eyes not very my mom wanted to give her a loving home."

And last but not least is Boston Terrier Louie, the great love of their life. Louie had been neglected, "had no hair and ended up at the Atlanta Humane Society. I knew my parents loved Boston Terriers, so I told them about him, and the rest is history. They LOVE that dog more than I can explain."

Inspired? If you have room in your home and your heart, please consider adopting a pet from a shelter or pet rescue operation near you, or why not volunteer an hour or two each week! A great way to start out the New Year!

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