December 27, 2009

Lady No. 353...The Ultimate Pet Chair

As Cat Lady Shannon will tell you, selecting the ultimate chair is a very important key to sharing life with a large menagerie of pets, especially one that includes both felines and canines in a wide range of sizes and ages.

Luckily, Shannon found the perfect pet chair about 6 years ago-- a large and cushy armchair that can accommodate multiple dogs and several cats at any given time. Her favorite chair-mates include the newest love of her life, tiny tabby tiger kitten Pixel, and elderly dachshund-mix Stella.

Shannon's daughter Danielle tells us: "Pixel is a shy but playful little kitty. She loves to sit on Shannon's shoulder at night when she is sleeping. Stella is a really old little dachshund mix that Shannon and Camilla rescued and now is obsessed with Shannon. She is a really funny little dog who will make the most horrible noises to get Shannon's attention. She is happy as long as she is in Shannon's lap."

Here's to lap-dogs, purring kittens, and ultimate armchairs!

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