November 21, 2009

Cat Lady No. 320...Music To My Ears

Illustration Friday

Cat Lady Veronica is sporting the ultimate caroling accessory for the upcoming season
! The latest in fashionable neckwear, it is guaranteed to keep neck and shoulders toasty warm while purring to the music. This particular neck-warmer goes by the name of Mo and will be happy to double as a lap-warmer for post-caroling cocoa consumption.

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Two more creations by Etsy crafter ElleJays featuring one of my quilt blocks!

You'll fin
d this pocket applique and mini quilt wall hanging listed for sale in her Etsy shop along with many more great cat lover gift items!

The individual fab
ric squares are for sale in my Susan Faye Etsy Shop


Momo said...

Love this series of work. Wonderful!

Asja said...

lovely work!

Cally Johnson-Isaacs said...

Brilliant work! :)

deeol said...

At this house it would probably be howling to music rather than purring. I wish I'd had this companion for carolling a few years ago. We absolutely froze... ;)

Jess said...


valerie walsh said...

heehee, adorable!

ToƱito Avalos said...

Great Illustration!
Greetings from Peru ;)

sandygrafik said...

Lovely piece! I like the colors and everything about cats!