November 20, 2009

Cat Lady No. 319...Poetry To My Ears

Calico cat Trinny apparently has an ear for poetry, because every time Cat Lady Naomi recites a poem, Trinny stops and listens attentively, whether it be an elegant haiku or a silly limerick.

Writing or reciting cat poetry may be a sign that you are a Crazy Cat Lady. Presented here is a lovely example that was included in the comments of the 365 Cat Ladies Giveaway for November, submitted by Cat Lady Loryia. It's about little Tom Petty, who started out as a wee orphan, plus a few of his furry friends:

Ode To My Cats

When I gave Tommy his bottles, little did I know
His 1 a.m. feedings he'd never outgrow.
He still gets me up for a soft pac o'fish,
and please oh please his favorite china dish!
Little did I know that now there'd be three,
Three dishes, three brushes, three potties for ME!
And then there's the ferals who come for a meal,
then hang around for my heart to steal.
So outside I go, come rain, wind or snow,
to make sure the hotels are heated 'just so'.
My life is filled with kitty cat fur,
and I live to hear the kitty cats purr.


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