November 22, 2009

Cat Lady No. 321...And The Winner Is...

Cat Lady Cameron and tabby Timothy love statistics and are pleased as punch to share these with you: Out of 41 entries in the 365 Cat Ladies Giveaway for November, one name was chosen at random, and the winner is: Cat Lady Jana of Colorado Catnip Toys!

Among her crazy cat lady qualifications: "I have 5 cats, all were orphans. They all help me make catnip toys and kitty quilts I sell on Etsy. At any one given time I will have one cat on my shoulders, one cat laying on the ironing board, one cat sleeping by the sewing machine and sometimes one cat in my lap. Let me tell you, it is not easy sewing with all my helpers. But I would feel lost without them. We all sleep in the same bed. Sometimes that bed gets pretty crowded. I love each of them differently. I have Mr. Tigger, Yakkie, Pokey, Scooter and the baby Zippy. I am a cat person from the word go. They are my kids. I am definitely a CCL!"

Here are some more statistics: In our very scientific poll, the question was posed: How many cats does it take to make you a CRAZY Cat Lady?

The answer "10 or more dearest darlings" was the top choice with 30 percent of the votes. Surprisingly, the second most popular answer was "one cute kitty" with 23 percent of the votes. Thank you to everyone who participated in both the poll and in the giveaway!!

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Library Cat No. 23 ACEO Art

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