March 17, 2009

Cat Lady No. 76...Lucky Day

Tabby Enthusiast Erin O'Malley rescued these handsome fellows, Donny and Danny Boy, from a local animal shelter when they were mere wee kittens.

Today, like every March 17th, they are celebrating the luck o' the Irish. However, Erin was recently shocked to learn that Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was not actually Irish at all.

He was a Roman-Britain who was born in Wales; he was kidnapped at 16 and taken to Ireland where he was held as a slave; he escaped 6 years later and returned home to his family, but then later returned to Ireland as a missionary, hoping to convert the Irish to Christianity.

Donny and Danny Boy don't care where he came from, they're just happy that there is a holiday in his honor, because they always seem to get an extra helping of tuna after Erin has enjoyed a few swigs of her traditional St. Patrick's Day Irish coffee...

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