March 18, 2009

Cat Lady No. 77...Home Remedies

Feline Fanatic Trillium and her Tuxedo Cat Trixie Two-Tone always enjoy a good sing-along whenever they play a Maria Callas aria on the phonograph.

But there is no singing tonight, because it is cold and flu season and Trillium is in the throes of a flu bug and can barely swallow, her throat is so sore.

She looked up some home remedies on her medical provider's website and she has tried each and every one:
  • get extra rest and sleep
  • drink hot tea or warm broth
  • breath warm, moist air from a humidifier, steamy shower, or sink filled with hot water
  • apply a moist warm towel to your face for 10 minutes several times a day
  • gargle with warm salt water twice a day
  • drink plenty of fluids and take vitamin C
Trixie Two-Tone is perplexed that they neglected to list the very best treatment of all: hug a purring cat for at least 10 minutes, 6 times per day, until all symptoms go away; then continue the treatment for at least another week. Or two. Or three...

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