February 2, 2011

Sunbeams from Buttonwillow

Now that all the hooplah is over and the official groundhog did NOT see his shadow (hooray for an early spring!), Buttonwillow would like to take this time to send some Oregon sunbeams back to her snow-beleaguered friends to the East, in the hopes that it will help thaw things out a bit.

There's nothing like soaking up some rays, particularly when they make your magnificent whiskers glow.

A little extra polishing, and these sparkling whiskers could blind someone. You may want to wear some eye protection if you plan to gaze at these blazing babies for more than a few seconds.

How do you like this angle?

Is this one better?

Let's get some eyebrow action in here.

Whiskered walruses, eat your heart out.

Here's hoping there are sunbeams in your day today, and if not, may you stay safe and warm as you snuggle up with your fur-blessed friends!

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Cyndi said...

So sweet! Made me smile on a day where sunshine seems like something from a distant memory. Thank you for sharing your fuzzy baby with us. :)

Juliette said...

OH THANK YOU BUTTONWILLOW! Your whiskers are unprecedented in their magnificence!

Susan Faye said...

Buttonwillow is beaming, just like her whiskers...