November 26, 2013

NEW Bouquet Cat Designs! VOTE For Your Favorite Today!

Hello Beloved Backers old and new! Thank you, thank you, fantastic feline fanatics, for your generosity in supporting this project. As of this writing, we are just $40 shy of the funding goal, so I have great confidence that hitting the $1200 mark is very close at hand.

To celebrate, I am going to add two new designs to the original 16.  That's where you come in. Buttonwillow has pointed out that I've been a little stingy with the long-haired cats, so I have four new fluffy kitties waiting in the wings: a brown tabby, a white cat, a gray and white cat, and a tortoiseshell.  I've made up two different thumbnails of each with color variations...

Please vote for your favorite 2 new designs in the comments section of this blog post. Voting will end tomorrow night, Wed. November 27 at 5 p.m PST. I will also be accepting votes on my Facebook page and Kickstarter Update #2, but please, only one vote per person (that is, one vote for two designs-- clear as mud, right?). 

NOTE: The kitties shown are just thumbnails; the actual color of the prints and notecards will vary slightly from what you see on your screen...

STRETCH GOALS:  For each $100 we reach beyond the $1200 goal, I will be able to add another TWO designs to be printed! For example, if we reach $1500, I'll be adding 6 new designs to the original 16.

We are in the home stretch now with just a week left of the campaign. Help me reach this new goal by sharing my Kickstarter project with all of your favorite crazy cat ladies and cat guys on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Here is the link:

Thank You SO MUCH!! Buttonwillow, Inka and I appreciate all of your help and support!

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jhitomi said...

I vote for Brown Tabby and Tortoisehell, maybe because their coloring is closest to my own cat;
They're all cute.

Unknown said...

Thanks for voting Jhitomi!