April 17, 2013

Endorsements Nos. 3, 4, and 5

Market research continues to be one of the important responsibilities of my studio assistants Buttonwillow and Inka. With that in mind, they recently sent Snazzy Rat prototypes to a few of their friends to get some valuable feedback.  Here is Jojo's testimonial on the newest addition to the Snazzy Rats line, "Mellow Yellow".  Terrific Tortie Jojo is a "senior" cat (about 11 in human years) who resides in Portland, Oregon, with her Cat Lady Samantha

Hello. You may think I'm just a sweet old gal, but that's not always the case. Yesterday I received a sample of the "Mellow Yellow" Snazzy Rat and was asked to give it a test run.

 One sniff of that 'nip and I felt like a spring kitten and a wild jungle beast all rolled into one!

Look out everyone!  I still have some ferocious bunny kick moves in me and I'm showing no mercy to my rodent prey.  This sweet old gal means business.

My assistants also sent a  "Happy Daze" Snazzy Rat prototype to some long-distance friends on the other side of the country.  Fluffy (a dead ringer for our previous endorser Jinx, but no relation) and Midnight of Attleboro, MA, are staff assistants to Cat Lady Rose of Angelcat Haven. Recently they took some time out from planning a big "Cinco de Meow" fundraiser to give the Snazzy Rat a spin.

Hi, I'm Fluffy and I am a lucky rescue cat.  I live with a bunch of other rescue cats, so I was lucky to get a turn with this really pretty Snazzy Rat prototype.  I don't have to tell you how much I enjoyed it, because I'm sure you can see me smiling in this photo:

"I don't always play with rats, but when I do, it's a SNAZZY RAT!" ~Midnight Gates~ (in photo below)

Thank you, fabulous felines, for your endorsements and testimonials.  Humanoids-- reserve your Snazzy Rats today by making a pledge at my Kickstarter Campaign, which ends SOONI'm raising money to buy the materials to make a full line of Snazzy Rats catnip toys. Thanks for your support!

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