August 14, 2012

New Shadow Box Art!

As I've mentioned before, I had a beautiful love affair with shoebox dioramas in grade school.  I was equally in love with the fancy sugar eggs at Easter that had peepholes and charming miniature tableaux inside. So it should be no surprise that I take childlike delight in making my shadow box magnets and desktop dioramas...

Here is my work table with several in progress.  I print my artwork onto high quality heavy paper stock and begin to snip snip snip, then glue glue glue: 

Here are the newest designs that I recently came up with using elements from some of my illustrations (all recently added to my Etsy shop):

A ginger-orange tuxedo tabby mom and kitten magnet..

A longhair ginger-orange tabby cat mom and kitten magnet...

A Maine Coon tabby cat mom and kitten magnet...

And a Desktop Diorama featuring cats Gardner and Flora from my Garden Shed illustration..

To see my tutorial on making a Desktop Dioriama, click here:

 To see my full line of 3-D shadowbox/ diorama/ shrine/ tableaux, visit this link to my Etsy shop section:

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nancy said...

These are just adorable!

Unknown said...

Your love for what you do shows in your art. Sweet and beautiful pieces.