February 19, 2012

The Battle of the [Buttonwillow] Bulge...Week Three

We have entered Week 3 of Buttonwillow's new diet regimen and things are REALLY getting desperate around here.

Things are so desperate that Buttonwillow has eaten the ears off of her favorite catnip mouse toy.

That's the white stuffing that you see poking out of the holes where the ears used to be. Obviously, the nose is next. That means it's time for a new mouse toy. AND it's time to enter the Buttonwillow Caption Giveaway before it's too late. The giveaway ends tonight at 8:00 PST, so hop over to this blog post to read all of the fun and funny entries and leave your own suggestion if you haven't already.

Thanks for participating!


Renee said...

Mom says I can have all the catnip mouse I want on this diet. (poor pudgy little Buttonwillow)

jhitomi said...

That is just too funny. Buttonwillow obviously thinks you are not getting the fact that he is Starving!

Chandana said...

That is funny!

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