September 3, 2011

A Work In Progress, Citrus Style--Sneak Peek!

I've had citrus on the brain lately.

It all started with an episode of The Barefoot Contessa. Ina made a big pitcher of fresh lime daiquiris (recipe here) for an outdoor picnic with her dear friends and I couldn't resist. I'm not a big drinker and I've never made a daiquiri in my life. But limes were on sale five for a dollar, I knew how to make simple syrup, and there was a dusty bottle of rum in the cupboard. One sip and I was in love. We've been enjoying our new favorite cocktail about once a week all summer long.

I also love lemonade and it's always my beverage of choice during summertime. We recently found an electric juicer/reamer at a thrift store and I've even been making fresh orange juice in the mornings. No danger of scurvy in this household.

And this summer-long infusion of vitamin C seems to have heavily influenced my most recent illustration. Here is a sneak peek of a snippet of my latest work in progress. It's only logical that there would be an orange tabby in it:



Marilia said...

So lovely!!!!! Your pictures are so beautiful! Congrats!
Oh, sorry! I´m forget... CHEEERS!!!

Catherine said...

This is a very happy picture ~ so many pretty colors ~ lovely!
Happy September to you Susan Faye!
xo Catherine

Ayala Art said...


Kitti said...

So, so sweet, or do I mean tart? LOL I love kitties AND citrus!! Lovely!