April 2, 2011

...And The Winner Is...

Cat Lady Karen T! Congratulations!

There were 28 entries in the Bunny Haiku Giveaway! That means $28 has been donated to Red Cross Disaster Relief (I rounded it up to $30) on your behalf. Paypal has an easy donation site in conjunction with MissionFish, which I used to make the donation.

Karen's name was selected in a random draw to win a Desktop Diorama of her choice and she chose Harey's Carrot Patch (pictured above).

Karen is mom to two darling cats: Zoe (all white) and Bob (stripey):

Karen tells us: "We joke about Bob being like a dog -I used to walk Bob on a leash, he would play fetch, he's super friendly and would follow me around the house." She adds, "Certainly if this were a real picture, those flowers would be little green stumps because Bob would have eaten them all before the flash went off."

"Zoe is very shy but has managed to terrify and fascinate our new dog, after a single bap on his nose. She's handling the attention quite well. We also call Zoe the 'belly kitteh' because when I lie down she immediately crawls up on my stomach and makes herself comfortable.
Both of them are rescue kitties."

Thank you to Karen and all of the other participants--it was so much fun to see how creative everyone was!! Click here to see most of the entries : Bunny Haiku

(Note: a few haiku were submitted on an identical post at The Hive)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just love your artwork, I am a cat fanatic to and have 4 now, 3 oldens and a kitten. They are endlessly fascintaing.

Unknown said...

Your calico baby is adorable!!!! I want one!