February 21, 2011

Cat Ladies In The News

Customer appreciation photo: Junior Feline-Fella-In-Training Jonas helps to arrange Grandma Carm's 'fridge art-- "The magnets are great for small muscle coordination!" says Carm. The magnets feature the custom portraits of Carm's 8GR8Cats and her sister's cat family. You can see lots more of Jonas and his favorite kitties on Grandma's blog.
CCL Carm also received great news last week: I Can Has Cheezburger just wrapped up their first ever lolcat daily calendar for 2012 and Carm's kitten photo of Pride from The Itteh Bitteh Book of Kittehs was included! It's scheduled for a July 15th, 2011 release. Congratulations Carm!!

The Terrific Two Turn Two! Many Happy Returns to birthday girrrrrls Keely and Fiona. Look closely and you'll see a candle in the shape of a 2 on their birthday treat, courtesy of Cat Mom Alison (CCL #333).

One of the honored guests in attendance at the birthday bash was Feline Fella Colin (brother to Cat Lady Alison).

Alison reports: "Keely simply has to be in Colin's arms- she is totally in love with him... They have a morning ritual and a coming home from work one. She is all over him and sits in his lap and nips at him and spins around and rubs against his face and repeat, repeat."

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Emily said...

I've been away too long! Which is stupid, considering your cat portraits never fail to make me happy!

Catherine said...

How wonderful to have your work featured in a calendar ~ very exciting ~ good for you!