January 12, 2011

Support Your Local Feline Fella--A Tale of Cat Tats

Cat Lady Samantha grew up with a dog and didn't really care for cats. That is...until she met Feline Fella Dan almost nine years ago.

Sam tell us, "Dan grew up with cats and shortly after getting married in 2003 we decided to adopt Hondo (the gray tabby). And it's true, cats ARE addicting!!" Hondo was adopted from Fancy Cats Rescue.

Soon to follow were Boogers (on Sam's shoulders), Fido (the tuxedo cat) and three Ragdoll cats-- Pork Chop, Tiskers, and Mittens. The newest member of the family is puppy Ethan, a lab mix, who is soon to be a year old.

Lest anyone doubt his devotion to his feline friends, Dan, a police officer, found a way to proclaim his feline fella status to the world:

"My husband loves his cats SO much that he has Boogers, Hondo, and Fido tattooed on his left arm (he wants the other 3 cats on his arm, but I said maaayyyyybbbeeee later!!!) :D

"Dan is a cop and recently made it onto the S.W.A.T team. During the S.W.A.T. school, they were giving him so much crap about his cat tats, that at their graduation the squad presented Dan with a white stuffed cat, as they felt so bad for teasing him (EVERYONE knows he's a cat lover). So crazy cat ladies and crazy cat husbands unite!

Thanks Dan, for showing us that a "tough guy" public servant can also be a big softie with a big heart! We salute you!

You can find out more about Sam and Dan's furry family on Catster.com. Here is Booger's Catster page where you can find out how he got his name, and find links to the other cats' profiles.

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Samantha Kalbacher said...

It was a pleasure working with you! I get a ton of compliments on our family portrait! Made this years Christmas extra special! Thank you again!!!

Unknown said...

This was such a fun portrait to paint! Thanks for the great story to go along with it, Samantha!

Karen Nichols said...

I've known Sam and Dan for years, but never knew about Dan's cat tatts!

Anonymous said...

So refreshing to meet men who are not afraid to show their soft side, especially a tough cop! I salute you (and your whole family :-)). Love the tats!

Laura said...

We love Sam, Dan, and all the kitties (and of course, Ethan too)! You captured their family beautifully!