December 1, 2010

A Big Thank You and a Discount

I'm coming up for air to say "Hello" and to say a BIG thank you for keeping me so BUSY!!

Thank you to all of my customers old and new for your orders over the past week. The Turkey Day Etsy Coupon Code worked great (well, there were a couple hiccups, but they were easily resolved...) so here is a new one for my blog friends: Enter the coupon code THANKYOU10 at checkout and receive 10 percent off of your entire purchase from my Etsy online shop from now until Sunday, December 5th.

If the coupon code gremlins should make mischief or you forget to enter the code and wind up paying full price, never fear-- just drop me a line and I will refund the 10 percent via Paypal.

In the meantime, I'm diving back in with about 20 items to ship today, and about 20 more custom portraits to finish in the next 10 days. They are all in various stages of the process, with five that I will finish up today. For those of you waiting to see the finished pieces, I appreciate your patience--I want to give each and every one the attention it deserves but at the same time I hear the tick-tock-tick-tock of time slipping away so fast!! So I'm signing off, but before heading back to the workshop I don't want to forget...

As millions of candles are lit tonight around the world in celebration of miraculous possibilities, I'm wishing my Jewish friends a very Happy Hanukkah!!

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