October 10, 2010

What's Blooming at World Headquarters on 10-10-10

Meet Joe, my "Every-day-is-a-holiday" cactus. Unlike his cousins, the Christmas cactus and the Easter cactus, who strive to bloom only on those specific occasions, Joe believes that every day is a great day to bloom. Take today for example. Today he is blooming because it is the tenth day of the tenth month of the tenth year of this century.

Today I'd like to celebrate my sun room. That's where Joe resides at the south side of my little 1940s cottage, also fondly known as Susan Faye World Headquarters. A few weeks ago my son visited and helped me paint the sun room. Lately I am in love with this Caribbean blue color and chose it for the back wall. I find this color extremely exciting and remarkably calming all at the same time. How is that possible?

My studio assistant Buttonwillow likes to think of this as the Break Room and thinks vending machines would be a nice addition. Here she is mid-break after a grueling morning of supervising art and testing gravity which are her two most important responsibilities:

Today she is celebrating her remarkable good fortune to have been born a cat with impossibly beautiful whiskers.

What will you celebrate today?


Hope said...

your Buttonwillow looks remarkably like my Pilchard, right down to the gorgeous whiskers!

I adore that colour of blue and find it very 'spirit-lifting'.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

Oddly enough, 10-10-10 was our wedding anniversary, in answer to what I'd celebrate.

And, I'd celebrate having lived with kitties any day of the week! I enjoy your kitties. Like the biker kitty and bi-plane kitty too!