September 26, 2010

Featured Cat Lady: Angelcat's Angel Angela

Ready for a little heavenly inspiration?

Angelcat Haven, a foster home-based cat rescue operation in Massachusetts, will be celebrating its four-year anniversary on November 11th. Not long ago, co-founders Cat Lady Angela and Cat Lady Rose celebrated the rescue of their 500th cat, named Bory.

Says Angela, (pictured here with her own cats Simba, Patches, Jerry, Honey and Dorey), "We are especially proud that this milestone comes after only four years in operation as a 501c3 non-profit rescue! On behalf of the rescued cats, I would like to express my gratitude to our dedicated staff of volunteers and supporters, and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has chosen to adopt a rescued cat or kitten from us!"

Rose fills us in on a little history: "For many years Angela and I volunteered together at the town shelter. She was the president of the volunteer organization, set up all of the policies, chaired all of the fundraisers, and was the resident Feline Care Coordinator, adoption coordinator and medical and behavioral expert.

"Although we learned a lot at the city shelter and made many positive contributions to the care of the cats there, there was much more we felt could be accomplished and ultimately decided to start Angelcat Haven. Here it is 4 years later and 500+ cats later!"

The goal of Angelcat Haven is to help the cats that fall through the cracks of the existing shelters, to work on reducing overpopulation through education, reduced cost spay-neuter programs, and community trap and rescue programs, and to work with and socialize the strays and ferals so that they can live out their lives in a warm, loving new home.

"Angela is a non-stop hardworking force of nature. She is a strong, opinionated, and intelligent woman who is always right, (just ask her!) but she has a heart of gold. Her sacrifices for the cats are many. She takes in the overflow when there are no foster homes available and allows the volunteers access to her home and workplace to care for the rescued cats. She oversees the volunteer organization as well as running her own business, caring for two foster children, her own pets and somehow finds time to coach girls field hockey!

"There would be no Angelcat Haven without her guidance and insight. I think the world of her and want to let her know how much she is appreciated!"

Congratulations and best wishes to two very determined and devoted Cat Ladies for all that they have accomplished on behalf of our furry friends!

As a fundraiser, Angelcat Haven sells colorful catnip mats for your feline's endless enjoyment. Buttonwillow owns one, and gives it her endorsement--not only does it give your kitty a great "buzz", it's a lovely place to nap when the "buzz" wears off... Get yours today at: Catnip Mats

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Anonymous said...

Angela is awesome!!! I volunteer at Angelcat Haven and I have never met anyone quite like her. I am in awe over what she does for these kitties and how knowledge she is, how kind she is to these poor kitties,and how she is so quick to take any abandoned cat into her care. Theres been times the other shelters have turned away cats and Angela was right there to pick them up. All the volunteers are so responsive to every cats needs and go out of their ways, even in the middle of the night, to be there if a cat needs them. One of our biggest dreams at Angelcat is to be able to be able to get a bigger shelter. Our funds through fundraising will not allow us to do this but we try. We don't turn our backs on any cat in need but we are so full at times and really need a bigger place to provide for these cats. The miracles that Angela has accomplished tells me that soon and someday someone will help us out with our dream. You rock Angela and before you know it we will be at a 1000! Thank you for all you do for the kitties and humanity. Your efforts do not go unnoticed!