September 25, 2010

Card-Carrying Crazy Cat Lady Club Membership Drive--Buy One Get One Free

The harvest moon made a guest appearance this week, so that means it's time for our autumnal membership drive for the Card-Carrying Crazy Cat Lady Club.

Haven't heard about the club? Meet Kittie B. Wilderd, spokesperson and card-carrying Crazy Cat Lady who represents loving ladies from around the world who just can't resist a whiskered face and a sweet meow. She carries her I.D. card wherever she goes to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is a "Class A Feline Fanatic." She is a proud member of the Card-Carrying Crazy Cat Lady Club (the CCCCLC)!

Just like Kitty, you t
oo can be a Card-Carrying Crazy Cat Lady with your very own personalized I.D card, official pinback button, Club Guidelines, and Club Creed.

AND for this weekend only, when you buy one Cat Lady Club kit, you will receive another one absolutely free for a friend. Already a member? Surprise two Cat Lady friends with their very own kits. This kit makes a great gift for your pet sitter, veterinarian, or that crazy lady down the street who has more cats than you do!

♥♥♥ And with the purchase of each kit, $1.00 will be donated to the Oregon Humane Society.!

What are you waiting for?! Just visit this special listing for complete details on the special offer:


Katie m. Berggren said...

wow, sweet artwork! I used to be a cat girl, but now I have two little ones, so I'm a little boy mama :) And an artist, just like you!
So fun how you've built your identity - good luck to you!
Sincerely, Katie m. Berggren

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting Katie--I enjoyed visiting your site and seeing your beautiful artwork! Isn't being a mom the best? My "baby" boy is 23 now...