June 19, 2010

Keep Those Green Tips Coming! Giveaway Ends Monday

As part of the 365 Cat Ladies Get-Ready-For-Summer Giveaway, readers have been asked to share favorite way to Reduce, Re-use, or Recycle.

Everyone who shares a tip will be entered into a drawing and one name will be drawn to win their choice of one of my brand new Cat Lady beach bags!

Greatma reports that she has been recycling all of her paper and plastic containers, using recyclable bags for the grocery store and buying used items to reuse for years and years--long before it became the thing to do. [Thanks for leading the way, Greatma!!]

Cat Lady Nutamu reuses a lot of throwaways in creative projects. "Broken bits of jewelry can be reused in a new piece, even eggshells can be used to add a fractured glass texture in paintings (oil or acrylic)".

Crazy Cat Lady Carm reports: ''The 8GR8CATS go through a GR8 deal of catfood cans! We rinse them out and bring them to the Buffalo Zoo with us. They are used to make all kinds of crafts with the children who attend the various camp and craft programs at the zoo! We love the marmalade tote!"

Cat Lady Loralai
buys almost all of her clothing from thrift stores. "Even got the hubby to realize what a great way it is to reduce, reuse and recycle. I've always done that, but now its actually COOL!"

Artist SnippetGirl does her shipping the earth-friendly way: "I use recycled boxes and packing materials from Subway and my neighbors for shipping my artwork to customers. I sent out an email to all of my neighbors and they drop off boxes and peanuts on my porch."

You can read more entries at the end of this blog post: Get-Ready-For-Summer Giveaway and then be sure to add your own entry if you haven't already! Giveaway ends on the summer solstice, Monday, June 21 at 8 p.m. PST. At that time, one name will be drawn at random and the winner will receive his/her choice of ONE of the Susan Faye Beach Bags pictured ($22.99 value), now available in my Cafepress Shop online.

Thanks for participating!!

These cotton beach totes are a good way to practice the 3 Rs. By re-using them for toting and shopping, you reduce the petroleum products needed to make plastic bags and reduce the amount of plastic bag bits ending up in our soil and our oceans. You can use them to carry your bottles to the recycle center!

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