June 19, 2010

Cat Lady Spotlight: Meet the Zoolatry Girls!

Cat Lady Ann belongs to that special breed of pet lovers afflicted with OCCPSD, known as "Obsessive-Compulsive Cat Photoshop Disorder".

One visit to her blog Zoolatry will tell you why: She's just having too much darn fun to stop!! Her absolute favorite subjects to photoshop are her Himalayan beautie
s Maggy and Zoey and her three gorgeous grandchildren.

By the way,
Zoolatry is defined as "the extreme or excessive devotion to animals, particularly domestic pets". [I wonder if there is a special word for "extreme devotion to offspring, particularly grandchildren"...oh yes-- it's "grandma"!]

You might recognize Ann's work from previous posts, as she's the one who wields the creative mouse behind those fun seasonal headers on Crazy Cat Lady Carm's blog!

Ann tells us about her Zoolatry girls: "Maggy arrived first, born November 2003, and adopted to the Zoolatry home in January 2005. She is a purebred tortie point... not a lap cat, only wants affection on her own terms... but the Siamese in her genealogy comes forth, loud and clear, when she wants something, as she is definitely a talker. She's gracious, elegant, independent... her full given name is Mary Margaret, but she's often called Mags, the Magster, Magoo or MagMag.

"Zoey arrived next at the Zoolatry home, born April 2006 and adopted in August 2006. Zoey is our resident clown, always good for a laugh, not a lap cat but always ready to be caressed, petted, or use her human as a scratching post. She's a blue point himmie and her most distinguishing feature is her little snaggle tooth. It sure suits her personality. She doesn't meow, she squeaks. She gets into enough trouble on a daily basis that it's quite possible she's already used up her 'nine lives'. It's a daily event to 'find Zoey' or play 'where's Zoey', as she'll explore every nook and cranny and often get lost on her adventures. Also called ZoZo or even the Zozster..."

For more Fun with Photoshop creations, visit Ann's second blog
Collectibles by Zoolatry

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ZOOLATRY said...

Thank you Susan... you are totally awesome!

Sweet Purrfections said...

These are great! I love the watercolor that you did of Ann, Zoey and Maggy. She is a very special lady who donates so much of her time and talents to the CB.

I love your work and you have such beautiful kitties yourself.

Mom Paula

Mishkat said...

The portrait of Ann, Zoey, and Maggie is just wonderful - well done!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I came from my favourite furrends blog to say hello.Love the picture you did for Ann, its lovely.. Looks like you are a very talented cat lover. Hugs GJ x

Cory said...

Wonderful portrait of Ann, Maggy and Zoey! Just purrfect!

Periwinkle Paisley said...

Photoshop, once you start you can't stop! :D

Unknown said...

So lovely, I came to give you a hug and thank you for your work. Kisses