June 29, 2010

Cat Lady Spotlight-- Color Coordinated

Cat Lady Carolann has discovered the secret to perfect color coordination, down to the fabulous felines in her life:

"Somehow over the years I have become known for my love of things black and white, and for wearing silver. My cars are generally black too. I live in Melbourne which is renowned for its leagues of women in black (all very stylish of course!!) and in truth it is now very easy to dress. Hot days = sleeveless loose black, cold days = long sleeved many layers of black.... I can even get dressed in the dark with ease because everything goes together!!

"I haven't always had black cats, but over the years they have become progressively more black. The first was a grey tabby whose name was Mitzi, and there was Parker who was white with tabby spots. Then there was Donald Jordan, known as DJ... DJ lived to a very good age and saw me into marriage and then supervised the upbringing of our son Simon. They were great mates and I have many pictures of them sitting looking delightedly at one-another...

"When DJ died, I took my son to the local Lost Cats home for him to choose his own kitten and he chose a black long-haired one. It was Christmas and I tried very hard to persuade him to name the cat Pudding or something similarly seasonal, but he was insistent and our new cat was named Mr Pussy [pictured above]. Since my son is now 23 (and Mr P about 15), we have lived with smirks and giggles for quite a while. Hence the cat's other names: Mr P, Fatness, Fat Cat and when we're cross with him.... Hairy Legs. He is the fattest of the two we have, and steals food with great dexterity and in absolute silence. Until you hear his teeth crunching into whatever he's stolen.

"About 10 years ago we were at the vet and I read a notice about a home wanted for a young cat brought in with many injuries but now healthy. Foolishly I asked to meet it and fell in love with a small fierce black short-haired cat who ran straight out of the cage and up onto my shoulder into my hair where he sat purring. Instantly smitten I put him back in the cage and went out to the car and dragged my son in and the same thing happened to him. He walked out of the cattery with a dazed besotted grin saying 'Mum, we have to have him' so we did. They had already named him Basil so we kept it.

"Unfortunately Mr P was furious with me when Basil [also pictured above] came home, and has not spoken to me since. Seriously. He remains Simon's cat and tolerates me feeding him, but if I pat him (as I do often) he immediately retires to a corner and grooms himself, removing all traces of my hand!! By contrast, Basil is sitting on my knee as I write this... Many are the books I have read with Basil following the pages turning."

When not teaching special education classes, Carolann enjoys blogging, card-making, and most of all, READING! Be sure to visit her blogs--one called Black Cat's Miaow where you can follow her creative endeavors; and the other which is devoted to books: Library of the Black Cat. Carolann belongs to the Order of the Opus Gluei, a fun paper-crafting design group that has a different creative challenge each week.

A big thank you to Carolann's friend Cat Lady Lisa of The Craft's Meow who made the birthday portrait of Carolann, Mr. P and Basil possible!!

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Lisa Hjulberg said...

Isn't Carolann just the BEST? I truly love her and her stories. These of the cats are riveting and fun! I knew they would be. I actually think Carolann should write a book. (*wink*)

Thank you Susan for bringing Carolann, Mr P and Basil to "life" with your wonderful portrait of them. I know Carolann treasures it, and it delights me to know how happy it made her.

Hugs to you both!

Chat Noir said...

WOW!! I guess this is my minute in the spotlight. I'm taking this chance to give a big public and heartfelt thankyou to Lisa (see above) and the wonderfully talented Susan for combining to present me with this portrait. I love everything about it.

Many many many thanks

Debbie Pamment said...

Yay Carolann - and Yay Lisa - you guys together are soo much fun. Love this portrait - Susan has tou to a T!

Jill said...

Love the painting. And what sweet stories about your black kitties! It seems we don't pick them, they pick US! And black goes with everything doesn't it?

Emily said...

Basil and Mr. P... certifiably too cute!

My brother who is very house-proud has a distinctly B&W decor... so it seems quite natural he would have one black cat and one white! Really anything else would be embarrassing! ;)

And as Always fantastic works!