May 19, 2010

The Naming of White Cats

In our last post, Paddy the Library Cat mentioned the importance of The Naming of Cats. I am constantly amazed and amused by the names that Cat Ladies come up with for their favorite felines. Today's focus is on white cats and their monikers. Some old favorites include: Frosty, Sugar, Angel, and Snowball.

What are YOUR favorite names for a white cat?
Share them in the Comments section below!

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mimi said...

how about Blackie? I did have a white cat named Snoogie and another named Mischief...

Lisa Hjulberg said...

We ended up naming our white cat Whitie. Not very original, but the boys didn't like any of the "cute" names I was suggesting, and we kept referring to her as "the white cat" (as opposed to her grey tabby sister) and it stuck!

Linda Ledbetter said...

When I adopted my white kitty, his "shelter name" was Snowflake, and he and I both thought that was pretty boring. He has one blue and one green eye, so he quickly become "Bowie." His namesake, David Bowie, also has two different-colored eyes. Needless to say, Bo the Cat rocks!

salemslot9 said...

Lil Miss White Cat