May 31, 2010

Cat Lady Spotlight: Be Inspired! [Part I]

Cat Lady Rose is the co-founder of Angelcat Haven in Massachusetts. Here is a peek at the first of two very creative and inspiring projects that Rose and her husband undertook--hopefully they will inspire you to create some "Kitty Cities" of your own, whether for your own kitty or a whole shelter-full! She tells about the project in her own words: [all photos copyright Rose Gates/Angelcat Haven. Please ask permission if you would like to reproduce or use them in any form]

"My husband Ron and I have made two kitty Cities! The first is located at the Attleboro Animal Shelter, Attleboro, MA. It's an old, depressing, run-down place where the cats were kept in small cramped cages 24 hours a day. When adopters came to meet a cat, they walked down row after row of cages peering into them and all they saw was a cat, a litterbox, food and water dish. It killed me that the cats had no place to stretch their legs, lie in the sun, breathe some fresh air, and interact with each other.

"At the time I volunteered there, Friskies was having a contest where you could win a $10,000 shelter makeover from the designers of Trading Spaces. I entered it, and when we didn't win, I said who needs them, I'll do it!

"I pitched my idea and got approval. We started by knocking a hole through a cinder block wall and installing a small door. It opened into an outdoor chain-link-enclosed dog kennel. Next came a roof, and plywood attached to the chain-link. It was painted, then colorful climbing shelves were added. "

"There were two painted walls, one was the DAY wall with a blue sky. "

"The shelves were: a tree swing, a birds nest, a yellow daisy, clouds, sun and rainbow. "

"The other was the NIGHT wall with a UFO, Space Shuttle, and Planet Saturn."

"The door in and out was the Lunar Module. The other two walls were open chain link to let in fresh air, but had a long sitting shelf the entire length."

"There was also a big tree limb for climbing and scratching." [see top photo]

"Kitty City serves as a bright cheerful place where the cats can go to have a break from their cages, and people can go to meet the cats and see them playing and acting like cats!"

Kitty City number two is at Angelcat Haven and has an undersea theme. Watch for photos in Part II --coming soon!

SUNDAY, JUNE 6: If you are in the New England area, be sure to visit Cat Lady Rose and Angelcat Haven at the Whisker Walk event next weekend. Whisker Walk is a FREE, fun day for families and their dogs PLUS a dog walk-a-thon fundraiser to benefit animal shelters and rescue groups throughout New England. Held at the Lancaster Fairground (Home of the Bolton Fair) there are 50+ acres for pet owners and animal lovers to walk, visit vendors, see, do and buy PLUS they can lend a paw for the animals shelters and pet rescues they love and support! Even if you can't attend, please consider supporting Rose's Angelcat Haven.


Jill said...

Your Kitty City is just amazing! The cats obviously LOVE it! Our Kansas Humane Society has a brand new building with 3 Kitty Cities (yes, that's what they're called) with approx. 10 cats in each. They are large rooms with windows, perches & climbing structures built by the great people at our local Big Dogs Motorcycle company. I wish every shelter could have a Kitty City! Thanks for the great work you do!

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors said...

Creativity and talent combined with power tools. Love it! In my next life I will figure out how to do something like this.

Unknown said...

Owh.uau very nice. we should be living there, kisses

Anonymous said...

If you stop by the Angelcat Haven booth at next weeks Whisker Walk, we'll have tickets for a chance to win one of Susan Fayes custom portraits! Featuring YOU and YOUR PET! Hope to see you at the Lancaster Fairgrounds in MA! Cat Lady Rose