May 29, 2010

Cat Ladies In The News

WE HAVE WINNERS in the Buttonwillow's Dream Job Giveaway!! Three names were drawn at random and the winners are:

Denise H, who won the Crazy Cat Lady Magnet. Denise is a talented pottery artist and you'll want to be sure to visit her Etsy shop A Piece By Denise . Her ceramic travel mugs are a great idea!

Cat Lady Susan B, a writer and blogger, appropriately won the Crazy Cat Lady journal. She lives with her husband and 5 cats and is working on her first novel. You can keep up with her at her blog Rambling Thoughts and Thoughtful Ramblings.

Patty P, a member of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers won the Crazy Cat Lady ceramic tile coaster. You can see some of her beautiful work at her website Rustic Studio where the studio is rustic, not the art!!

Congratulation winners!! Be sure to send me your mailing information if you haven't already (You'll find my email link under my About Me profile) . A big thank you to everyone who participated and contributed feedback!!


IT'S BABY RACCOON TIME! Did you know that Cat Lady Sarah moonlights as "The Grape Lady" while hubby and Feline Fella Bill also wears a "Cracker Man" hat? Check out The Raccoon Chronicles for Sarah's latest photos of three new arrivals. They are so cute that it makes you want to pinch their chubby little cheeks, but Sarah reminds us "raccoons are wild animals, don't try and approach or feed them if they are not familiar with you. Use extreme caution and common sense."

Editor's Note: Our heartfelt condolences go out to Sarah and Bill for the loss of their beloved Lucy who recently passed away at the age of 17.


SUNDAY, JUNE 6: If you are in the New England area, be sure to visit Cat Lady Rose of Angelcat Haven at the Whisker Walk event next weekend. Whisker Walk is a FREE, fun day for families and their dogs PLUS a dog walk-a-thon fundraiser to benefit animal shelters and rescue groups throughout New England. Held at the Lancaster Fairground (Home of the Bolton Fair) there are 50+ acres for pet owners and animal lovers to walk, visit vendors, see, do and buy PLUS they can lend a paw for the animals shelters and pet rescues they love and support! Even if you can't attend, please consider supporting Rose's Angelcat Haven.

Thanks for visiting!


Susan M. Bell said...

I'm so happy I won. How cool. But I do have to update my blog as it's more than 5 cats now. HA.

RusticStudio said...

Thanks so much! I can't wait to get my coaster! :D