February 28, 2010

A Pretty Pair of Playful Parlor Panthers

One of the defining traits of a Card-Carrying Crazy Cat Lady as stated in the club guidelines is "sharing your home with cats in spite of your severe allergy to pet dander". It turns out this is a common trait shared by Cat Lads and Feline Fellas also.

Take Feline Fella Chris, for example. Wife Sharon tells us: "My husband is very allergic to cats but fell in love with a neighborhood black cat who adopted us. After she passed away, he set out to find the perfect black cat that was hypo-allergenic. He determined that to be an American Bombay cat and that we had to have

Meet Kaldi and Bica, also known as "Daddy's girls".

American Bombays, often called "Parlor Panthers", are known for their round, copper-gold eyes. They are small (7 lbs.) with very sleek, short fur coats. But as Sharon continues, "Of course they didn't turn out to be as allergy-free as he thought, but it's too late now. They rule him and the house.

"They LOVE people and are cuddlers. They climb all over Chris and try to fall asleep before he sneezes so much that he has to put them down. Bombays are heat seekers. If you aren't moving around, chances are they're sitting on you soaking up the warmth. They are also burrowers... Ours will heat-soak under the covers for a few hours until they're finally too warm and then come out and cool down by stretching their entire length on the floor. Once they're cool enough they go back into the oven under the covers. It's hysterical.

"The other really funny thing they do is they play fetch. Not only do ours follow you around all day, they will bring in a toy [such as the favored mouse in the portrait], put it down at your feet, look up and meow loudly until you throw it for them. Then just like any puppy would do, they chase it, throw it around and bring it back for you to throw again and again and again. They are great jumpers and can sit upright on their haunches as they wait for a toy to be thrown. They look like little prairie dogs when they do that. The ball with the feather gets this kind of 'anticipation pose' when we throw it to Kaldi."

For more information about the Bombay breed, including shelters that currently have Bombays for adoption, visit this link: Bombays on Petfinder

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Unknown said...

That describes my Bombay, Shadow, exactly! He is such a lover! My other furry, Frisky, is a Tuxedo cat.

They are just the most marvelous little critters!

I am now officially a Crazy Cat Lady as I received my CCCCL kit in the mail Friday. I wear my button proudly! >^..^<

mysteri1229 said...

I don't think my two black sisters are Bombays, but your description describes them to a T! I would swear this a picture of them too! I would love a copy of it!