February 21, 2010

All Together Now...Addendum

When there are Cat Ladies in the room, look out--it's not often that a Feline Fella/Dog Dude can get a word in edgewise. But Mike has some fascinating facts to add about his beloved brood:

"George Morris [orange cat on guitar] is so skinny, I believe,because when he was x-rayed at the vet they found two beebees and one pellet in his chest. He had been shot three times. He is my
purple heart cat."

"Jenna and Abby came from the humane society in Lancaster, PA, though we live in Maryland."

"Gerald [tabby on Ursula's shoulders] was going to end up in the belly of some King Snake in Missouri. When we visited my friend on his farm, a dog named Elvis chased Gerald about 20 feet into a tree. Her name is Gerald because the farm is in Gerald, MO.

"Abby [in Ursula's lap] likes to butt heads with people. Ursula, being German, uses a phrase, dietze Bock, (it means "bonk the Ram") and Abby bonks us every time.

"Jenna is an aristocat...I think she is really a Russian Blue...from the Tsar's court."

"Blah blah blah... I should stop now. "

Actually, Michael, you may not know this, but there's nothing that makes Cat Ladies swoon more that a Feline Fella or Dog Dude lovingly going on and on about his pets. In fact, legions of Cat Ladies across the country, and perhaps around the world are thinking right now: "That Ursula is one lucky Cat Lady!"

So here's to an inspiring pair of pet people! Thank you to both of you for a happy story full of so many happy endings for some very special friends!


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Susan said...

My 2 cats are rescues...one was a stray, and showed up a month almost to the day of me putting down my baby of 17.5 years ...did I mention they were both black calico's (or tortoise shell as my vet puts it)Both females. Where we live is very secluded and OFTEN people dump animals out here. we've rescued dogs, cats, rabbits (lop eared...so definitely not wild)

and our other rescue was actually part of a brother team of 2, that our neighbors owned...when they were kittens, it was cool, (though the youngest boy tortured them with bags and such) but once they weren't kittens anymore they weren't even allowed in their storm room...outside 24/7, and then they stopped even feeding them, when winter came they crept closer & closer with trepidation to our house. we let them in our porch like the neighbors, it had not heat but better than being outside. and we fed them eventually they were allowed to come inside...but they preferred to spend most of their time outside (guess it was what they were used to) we never managed to litter train them, and they always came home beat up...mostly fighting with each other, plus they sprayed stuff (mostly mine) I made arrangements thru animal birth control to get them neutered and then I had my injury at the job and everything got put on hold....well they never did get neutered and the one brother went out one night a little over a year ago, and never came back. He also blinded his brother in one eye, with a scratch smack down the center of his eyeball. KitKat, the remaining guy is our "pirate cat" he is getting to be an old man now, and still insists on spending most of the 24 hours in a day outside...he comes in early in the day, sleeps for several hours and then gets up looks for his "afternon snack" some kitty treats and small amount of milk...then he goes out, sometimes it is for a short time and he comes back in and hangs out til dinner (6ish) and then goes out for the night...but lately he disappears after the snack and we do not see him til the morning.

meanwhile the newbie...Pretty, is slowly turning herself into an indoor cat which is ok by me :)
and she has completley adopted me.

I love reading your cat tales! we have had a long line of "characters" ourselves...all were rescued as strays except my Baby..Boots(ie) I got her when say a sign that said free kittens a week after we had to have our other cat put down.
Have a good week. (there are pics of pretty in my 2nd to latest post) I have to get some pics up of all my other guys and gals. My blog is very new.