December 18, 2009

So What Happens after Cat Lady No. 365?

Many kind and curious people have asked me--what happens when I reach that magic number: Cat Lady No. 365? The answer: I will dance a little jig and shout from the rooftops! And then keep counting, but with some changes and surprises:

I'll keep adding cat ladies of interest, but at a more relaxed rate--perhaps two a week instead of on a daily basis, with a focus on the real-life feline fanatics
that are featured in my custom portraits. Another change will be having more of a newsletter feel--featuring stories and updates from 365 Cat Lady and Lad alumni and readers.

And watch for an announcement in early January about a new project or two which I hope all of you will enjoy and participate in!

Thank you to all of the wonderful Cat Ladies and Lads who have shared their stories over the past year, filled with heartfelt humor, compassion, and
cattitude! I'm looking forward to another fun-filled year of fabulous felines and the women (and fellas) that love them!

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Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

I had been wondering that myself, so I'm glad you posted this! ;-)