December 6, 2009

Cat Lady No.334...An Historical Perspective

In 1912 Agnes Reppelier collected, translated and arranged an anthology called The Cat - Being a Record of the Endearments and Invectives Lavished by Many Writers upon an Animal Much Loved and Much Abhorred .

Here is part of an essay included in the anthology. Does this describe anyone you know?

"He is a swifte and merye beaste in youthe, and leapeth, and riseth on all things that are tofore him, and is led by a straw, and playeth therewith; and he is a righte heavye beaste in age, and full sleepye, and lyeth slyly in waite for Mice, and is ware where they bene more by smell than by sighte, and hunteth, and riseth on them in privy places." --Translated from the Latin by Thomas Berthlet. Printed by Wynkyn de Worde. 1498.

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